ACH (1420) Pastor Eli James – Night Of The Living Dead Voters

In today’s show originally broadcast on January 1 2021, Andy is joined by Pastor Eli James for a show entitled, “Night Of The Living Dead Voters.” We discussed: how Tiffany Dover, the nurse who took the vaccine live on television, has since been presumed dead although no official confirmation of this either way has been forthcoming; why the plan is to switch us to a digital currency; why do all these world leaders feel they have to take the vaccine on live television; Pastor Eli’s new BitChute channel; how people who give up liberty for security deserve neither; how the censorship and restrictions on your ability to trade will increase; the real story of what happened in Nashville; how the mainstream media have their plausible deniability propaganda pieces ready for any pushback on their lies; and many other topics.

Podcast Source — Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Website