Game of Thrones latest victim of Girl Power, Marvel too and of course Star Wars


Ryan depressingly goes over how Game of Thrones, Marvel and Star Wars have become so predictable and all main characters either has to be a woman or a black person. Of course white men are fat, stupid and have no “balls”. Remarks were made about how can they do this? They are not targeting their main audience and are turning it into a SJW clown world production. People need to understand these productions are not intended to make money or please their audience… is (((CULTURAL MARXISM))). Everything, and we mean everything, has to be turned upside down, diversified and criticized in order for a nations and its people to be destroyed. Once you start understanding all of this, you will eventually stop watching sports, gaming, cancel your cable subscription and be very selective with the movies you watch. Hopefully with the new time you have found you can become active and help expose (((their))) disgusting and genocidal agendas.