S o T o S p e a k | Ep. 583 | The Pedo Joe Climate Show

The UN says we don’t need to rejoin the Paris Climate Accord because COVID lockdowns have reduced our carbon emissions and destroyed our economy in a way that climate treaties could not. Excellent! Don’t get too comfortable, though. Climate change is still as much of an existential threat as it’s ever been, according to the President-reject. Yep, assuming he takes office (which I personally wouldn’t do), Pedo Joe plans to keep us locked down indefinitely while he cedes American sovereignty to international banksters who want to make Pan-Eurasia the new seat of global finance. Sound good? America be damned as long as Pedo Joe and his people have a seat at the table when “the global reset” happens. That’s thing about globalism. If you never get attached to a single nation, you’re free to swear allegiance to whoever issues the international unit of exchange. The US Dollar has enjoyed this privilege for a long time, but its reign is coming to an end — and the globalists know it. That’s why this “great reset” of theirs is so time-sensitive. Hence COVID being used as a pretext for sweeping societal change. Never let a good crisis go to waste, right Hillary?

Podcast Source — Jared Howe Website