S o T o S p e a k | Ep. 584 | Lockdowns Will Continue Until Morale Improves

If you thought the distribution of a COVID vaccine meant that communists would relinquish their death grip on the global economy, think again. Communists never willingly relinquish power, and seizing it was the entire point of the COVID hoax in the first place. They’ve already come up with a thousand and one reasons why their vaccine isn’t sufficient for returning to normal, the most recent of which being “MuH NeW VaRiAnT!” Some of these communists, however, are brazenly saying the quiet part out loud: namely, that COVID restrictions are accomplishing what the climate agenda never could — the total dismantling of western economies. Social Democratic MP, Karl Lauterbach of Germany recently stopped short of admitting this outright, saying, “My experience of combating the coronavirus pandemic has unfortunately made me extremely pessimistic about whether we will be able to successfully stop climate change in time” because “Germans have underestimated the pandemic and continue to do so.” It’s almost as though the government’s preferred response to climate change and its ACTUAL response to COVID and its are the same thing. The UN is likewise saying that the US doesn’t have to rejoin the Paris Accord because COVID restrictions are already so effective at reducing our carbon emissions, which is a tacit admission of what the climate agenda was always really about: Destroying western economies.

Podcast Source — Jared Howe Website