The Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Show (952) Paul English – Communism By The Front Door: With Special Guest Dennis Wise


We discussed: Dennis’s stunning documentary films, “Communism By The Backdoor,” and “Adolf Hitler – The Greatest Story Never Told,”; Dennis’s current film, “The Secret Masonic Victory Of WW2,” many episodes of which are available on his website; the propaganda film, “The World At War,”; how Winston Churchill admitted the mistake Germany made was in setting up their own monetary system, and excluding the bankers from the profits; how the United Nations was formed straight after World War 2, and built upon the Communist Manifesto; Churchill’s praise for Coudenhove-Kalergi; when Piers Morgan refused to let Tommy Robinson quote from the Koran; how censorship fits into Communism; when the internet was the biggest flow of information we ever had and what it is becoming; how those who will not hate what they ought to hate cannot love what they ought to love; the New World Order plan to kill God; why Communism is the ultimate expression of Capitalism; and many other topics.