The Orthodox Nationalist: The Myth of China’s Occupation of Tibet – TON 123020

Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson explodes the Left’s myths about China’s occupation of Tibet in his last podcast of 2020. Since the Middle Ages, Tibet has been a part of China, usually as an autonomous province. What few know is that the “Dalai Lama” is a Mongol creation, with the terms themselves being of Mongol origin. Using the Mongol army as its support, the “Yellow” sect of Tibetan Buddhism destroyed its opposition and took over the life of the country. Soon, its “monasteries” became the main source of money lending, with almost half of their income coming from interest on loans to the peasantry. Since the counterrevolution within the Chinese Communist Party – one that changed it from a Maoist murder machine to a National Socialist state – Tibet’s economy and cultural life has exploded. Tourism has become a huge part of local income, and today, Tibet’s economic life is self contained, not requiring foreign sources of funding or private bankers. The “secession” movement derives almost entirely from the CIA and the EU. The ideological backbone of the “Free Tibet” movement is largely the Open Society Institute, Hollywood and liberal suburban women shopping at Lululemon for their fashionable yoga attire.

Podcast Source — Radio Albion Website