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Anti-Zionist Twitter Users See Their Reach Plummet Ahead of Elon Musk’s Planned Visit to Auschwitz

Anti-Zionist Twitter users are finding that their reach has plummeted as Israeli media is reporting that X owner Elon Musk is going to visit Auschwitz next week and speak on a panel with Ben Shapiro on “anti-Semitism.”

Blackrock CEO at Davos: ‘You Have To FORCE Change, At Blackrock We Are FORCING Behavior’

Blackrock CEO Larry Fink let his mask slip at the World Economic Forum in Davos this week, admitting that his company is engaged in “forcing behaviors” and “forcing change” on behalf of the elite’s globalist […]
The post Blackrock CEO at Davos: ‘You Have To FORCE Change, At Blackrock We Are FORCING Behavior’ appeared first on The People’s Voice.

After the Reconciliation Memorial, Confederate Graves—and, Ultimately, All Whites?, by Eugene Gant

On June 13, 1943, a B-17 bomber exploded over Germany during a raid on the U-Boat bunker at Kiel. Aboard the plane was the first American general to be killed in action during World War II: Nathan Bedford Forrest III, great grandson of the brilliant, now vilified Confederate cavalry hero. Nathan Bedford Forrest III was…

WarStrike Episode 2

Striker and Warren delve into the financial backing of Argentine…

City outraged as memorial for Dresden firebombing victims sanded away

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Dresden, Germany – A commemorative inscription honoring the over 25,000 Germans killed during the Allied firebombing of Dresden during the Second World War, was unceremoniously sanded away on Monday. The removal has sparked outrage from German citizens, who now face accusations of “neo-nazi,” by local institutions.

On the 15th, a commemorative inscription honoring German war dead appeared to have vanished from Dresden’s historical Altmarkt Square—a place that has served as the city’s center since Dresden was founded in the 12th century. The inscription, first set in 2009 and later engraved by hand, has stood as a sobering reminder of Allied “war crimes” ever since.

A war commemoration in Dresden’s Altmarkt Square has long been a place used by Germans to honor the over 25,000 dead at the hands of Allied firebombings. Leftist media have attempted to shut places like these down, to curb what they fear are “neo-nazi’s” abusing public places. Photo: jmfoto, Tichyseinblick.

Citizens of Dresden, however, were seemingly never informed that the beloved memorial was being sanded away. When asked why it was removed or where it would be reinstated, city officials didn’t know, and in some cases, had no idea the memorial was even removed at all.

The lack of a solid answer appeared to cause controversy on both sides of the German political spectrum. Those in favor of the commemoration demanded its return, or at the very least, an excuse. Those on the extremist left applauded the decision, echoing typical sentiments that its existence only provided the “right-wing” and “neo-nazis” a convenient shrine.

According to a report by Tichyseinblick. Dresden’s mayor, Dirk Hilbert, appeared to stall when questioned by locals, which earned him criticism. Police also appeared to be at a loss, when FDP city counselor, Holger Hase, said “I would have known about a planned redesign.” In the end, authorities finally issued a half-hearted apology, granting some insight via an official statement.

Before and after the Dresden war commemoration was sanded away, leaving citizens confused and outraged at its sudden removal from Altmarkt Square. Photo: Lord Bebo, X/Twitter.

“The criticism in this matter is justified because we acted extremely poorly from a communication point of view,” said Hilbert. “…Timely information about the planned procedure would have been essential. Despite all the criticism, I am grateful to the citizens for their constructive intervention. This shows how important this place is in the heart of our city.” 

“However, we will not accept that this occasion is used for hate speech and conspiracy theories,” Hilbert added.

“This is a place of warning, remembrance and commemoration. The bodies of thousands of victims of the air raids on February 13th and 14th, 1945 were burned here. At that time, the horror of the war, carried from Germany all over the world, also returned to our city.”
Removed war commemoration, Dresden

Authorities would go on to explain that the commemoration was slated to be “dragged away,” as part of an agreed-upon city redevelopment plan, citing low visibility and multiple graffiti incidents. In its place, the city would erect a stele, which had previously stood at the same site but was removed due to damage.

“The engraving on the back of the bench, which also surrounds the exit to the underground car park, will be removed. This was part of the construction contract for the square,” the statement continued. “(A) stele was damaged during construction work on Square 2023 and has now been replaced. Depending on the weather, it will be placed back on the Altmarkt by next week at the latest.”

Photos of the ruined city of Dresden have become synonymous with accusations of Allied war crimes which resulted in the mass slaughter of over 25,000 Germans. While the figure has long been settled, historians have questioned the number, and believe civilian deaths could be as high as 500,000. Photo: Foto Frost/Ullstein Bild, Getty Images

While ornate, the replacement stele comes with a new inscription. The memorial now acknowledges those who died in the firebombing but couches the events as a consequence of “national socialist tyranny.” It also attacks those who “politically exploit and reinterpret” the city’s February 13th memorial holiday (ala. “neo-nazis). The state-sanctioned rhetoric appears to match talking points coming from German media, which has often used opportunities to blame so-called “neo-nazi’s” for “abusing the city as a stage for marches.”

“Since 1945, February 13th has been one of the most important days of remembrance in the state capital Dresden,” reads the new inscription on the Stele. “Since then, the day of remembrance has repeatedly been politically exploited and reinterpreted. On February 13th, the victims of the bombing as a result of the Second World War started by Germany and the millions of deaths of the National Socialist tyranny are commemorated.”

While the memorial is slated to continue to exist in the same spot—albeit in a different form—the flagrant disregard shown by city authorities towards the old memorial is damaging in and of itself. If anything, the behavior serves as a grim reminder of anti-German sentiment, held by many on the growing leftist fringe who view modern Dresden and its traditionally Christian and conservative residents with scorn.

A stylized photograph of Dresden before its “terror bombing” by Allied forces in 1945. Photo: Getty

The city of Dresden, which had become the unwitting target of British and American warplanes during the twilight hours of the Second World War, would soon be recognized as the site of one of the worst civilian massacres in human history. Historians believe Allied planes dropped 3,900 tons of high-explosive and incendiary bombs onto predominantly civilian targets, destroying over 1,600 acres of the historical city, which at the time was considered a German cultural hub with little industrial output.

The military necessity of the bombing is still a point of contention among historians to this day, and many have condemned the attack as a flagrant war crime.

In the aftermath of the war, Dresden fell onto the Soviet side of the east/west partition. Its secluded geographic location spared many of its citizens from Allied indoctrination via radio and television programs that other regions had illicit access to. As a result, Dresden remained a Christian, conservative redoubt compared to the progressive views of other German populations, earning scorn from leftist activists and other anti-German extremists.

Hatred for the people of Dresden and their long-lost dead is so great, that some on the left have even championed the slogan “Bomber Harris do it again.” Harris, the infamous RAF commander who organized the raids, was once quoted as having no remorse for his part in the raid, with extremists invoking his name when wishing death on their precieved political opposition.

The move to sand away the commemoration and “redevelop” the area comes amid a number of troubling attacks on statues and monuments birthed by European hands. In Charlottesville, Virginia, a famous statue depicting Confederate General Robert E. Lee was finally melted down after a long political fight between concerned citizens and those on the left who viewed the historical monument as “racist.”

The saga behind the statue’s removal reached a deafening crescendo when in 2017, pro-monument protestors gathered to demand it remain at its place at Market Street Park. The event would later be immortalized as “Unite the Right,” a series of protests that became known for vicious attacks against peaceful eventgoers by anti-White extremists who some claimed conspired to riot before committing unspeakable acts of violence. Lawsuits stemming from the protest exist to this day.

In Europe, decisions made by local bureaucracies have often sparked local outrage, especially in recent months as the conflicts in Ukraine and Israel continue to intensify. In November, police made numerous arrests at an ill-fated Armistice Day rally held at the Cenotaph, a British war memorial, in London.

The rally, promoted by Zionist agitator, Tommy Robinson, was seemingly authorized by authorities despite it being held in conjunction with a widely publicized pro-Palestine march which drew thousands. Some said Robinson’s march was merely a “trap” for right-wing citizens and British nationalists to be funneled into fistfights. The belief would turn out true.

In Ukraine’s western Transcarpathia region, a horrific grenade attack rocked a town council meeting, killing one and injuring dozens of others. According to reports, the attack was launched by a disgruntled MP, who felt slighted after the inefficiency and alleged corruption of the local government became too much for him to bear.

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Kapparot – An Annual Orthodox Jewish Chicken Ritual That Happens in New York City

It’s either molestation or spilling blood with this bunch…

What is Kapparot?
In the week leading up to Yom Kippur, a Jewish holiday, the streets of Brooklyn, New York become home to one of the largest wet markets in America.

Anywhere from 50,000 – 100,000 live chickens are used in an Orthodox Jewish ritual. The ritual involves Orthodox Jews waving a live chicken above their head, reciting a prayer, and then disposing of the chicken. Orthodox Jews believe all their sins are transferred to the chicken during this ritual, and they become cleansed.

I don’t care how many animals they murder or sacrifice, or how much blood they spill, they can never be clean in the eyes of God with the things they are doing to children in the sewers beneath NYC.

These people are nasty. They are not the Jews of the bible. They are Zionists.
More videos where no animals were harmed:
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This is hilarious – “Wanna make some money? Be a farmer” he says!🤣🤣🤣🐔🐄🐑

This is Scott Kirby, the CEO of United Airlines. A drag queen and sodomite

When you are determined to look stupid

17 year old in Brazil dies suddenly during a motorcycle robbery.💉

Group Baby Shower – he got 4 girls pregnant at the same time. Guess who?

Who wants to tell her that fix a flat is for flat tires and not flat butts?

Porn Star Mia Khalifa uses face mask to pick up dog crap then puts the mask back on her face🐶💩🤢

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Road Rage – When you threaten someone with a gun, never forget they may have one also💥🔫

Walgreens closing 4th location in in the black area of Boston due to theft. Shock and outrage!

Bad ass kid – 5 against one and he wins💥💥💥💥💥💪🏻

This dentist reveals something very important you may want to know about your dental care

The Dark Side Of The Porn Industry They DON’T WANT You To Know About📽️😳🎥🎭

Somebody has been using a word they should not have used around this little one ROFL👶🏼😳😆😆

Man in China walks up to another man and sets him on fire

Small Jet Crashes on Highway After Hitting Electric Pole in Fiery Video

Set yourself on fire they said…it will be make a great video they said…🔥📽️🍿

I am not sure why this performer felt it was necessary to set his crotch on fire…but he did.🔥😳

Was Tayor Swift Cloned? If so from who?

Vaxxident? Lady has a “medical event” behind the wheel – She was mowing people down💥💥💥🚗😳

There was the time a horse joined a bicycle race that was in progress – My moneys on the horse🐴

The most important video “End Times Productions” has ever made January 14th 2024

Mobile cremation vans in China – They deliver!🔥🔥🔥🪦

He thought he was going to rob the store…but he was really going to a butt whoopin💥💥💥💥😳

Had his face in his phone…then he got a bulls horn up his ass. No situational awareness.💥🐂

Mountain Lion walks past reporter live on the air. She thinks its a dog…🦁

When they know you are an evil pedophile, this is how a child will react to you

I would like to return this motorcycle for a refund please.💥💥💥🏍️😳

I have heard of swimming with the sharks…but this is worse. This lady is crazy.😳🐊

He stole a dead person laying in the street? I don’t get it.😳

This lady cheated death (see description)💥🚄

The mother of all traffic accidents. Holy crap💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥🚚

DiversityWatch (January 19, 2024)


Infamous ‘Zuckbucks’ Group Tries To Election-Meddle Again — This Time With Federal Tax Dollars
Diversity Leftists at the Center for Tech and Civic Life are using federal emergency management loans to buy votes in the upcoming no-ID election.

DEI boomerang
Democrats used federal influence to make academia go all-in on Leftism, but leading lights are backing out before the whole thing implodes.

The Them-versus-Us Election
The democracy elites became powerful through diversity, and even as it kills the West, they demadn more of it. The only way out is to vote them out and end all diversity and socialist entitlements programs. That means that death of public schooling, social security, medicare, medicaid, obamacare, free school lunches, EMTALA, and all other wealth transfer programs. Eventually we are going to have to repeal the 14A and start talking about remigration, specifically Reparations-with-Repatriation.

Germany reforms citizenship law
You can always find a moron conservative to start spewing about how “illegal immigration is bad, but legal immigration is good” because this is the compromise position that does not endanger the conservative by outing him as a realist, including about race and national self-preservation. The powers that be will seize in that every time and start making it easier for people to invade. You are either pro-nation or anti-nation, and any position in between defaults to the latter.

A Century After Lenin’s Death, His Evil Legacy Lives On
The class struggle — where the laborers overthrow those who Know Better and make an inferior democracy in its place — is “evil” (stupid, insane, destructive, pointless) in all of its forms.

Trump mocks Nikki Haley’s first name. It’s his latest example of attacking rivals based on race
Leftists seem racism in everything. Trump mocks his rivals for anything fake that they do, including covering up their ethnic origins. The Leftist cries out as he strikes you.

Lawyer hired to prosecute Trump in Georgia is thrust into the spotlight over affair claims
Third world style corruption comes to the USA. South Africa experienced a similar problem.

2023 was slowest year for US home sales in nearly 30 years
Keynesianism boosts the value of virtual investments like stocks and bonds, not physical properties, because it is based on demand and not supply. It also allows government to keep growing fat on the money it wastes on diversity and anti-poverty programs.

Northwestern women’s studies center teaches ‘organizing’ for ‘abortion rights’
The abortion debate is a complete spook because ordinary people rely on it to keep their kids from breeding with idiots and ruining their career options, so it is going to stay legal in most places. Only a group dedicated to not rocking the boat like the GOP could use this as a flag to distract their audience from important and winnable issues like immigration, socialism, diversity, and the competence crisis.

House Speaker Mike Johnson Has a Nagging Problem—His Party
Republicans are now divided between Christian compromises and Darwinist counter-revolutionaries. Select the former group for more post-Reagan wishy-washy “conservatism.”

Sports Illustrated’s publisher lays off most of its staff, union says
Sports Illustrated went woke awhile back, at which point most of its hardcore audience threw in the towel and subscribed to podcasts instead.

‘Don’t worry, I’m not OJ! Hilarious moment black postal worker makes very un-PC remark to blonde woman after accidentally startling her on her doorstep, leaving them both in fits of laughter
This postal worker took it in stride, but it must not feel great to be Black in America or Europe.

Milwaukee Public Schools calls for ‘unequal distribution of resources’ in order to ‘dismantle’ whiteness in leaked memo
They want you dead. Your taxes pay for their six-figure salaries.

The math of rightwing populism: Easy answers + confidence = reassuring certainty
If you categorize common sense as “easy answers” because it is not the convoluted inverted psychology of the Leftist, this might make sense, but it yet another propaganda article.

Happy Robert E. Lee’s birthday? Florida still has three Confederate holidays on the books
The Leftists whine, but history just proved the Confederates right about diversity and big government.

Angst over LGBTQ+ stories led to another canceled show. But in a Wyoming town, a play was salvaged
Town decided that more anti-heterosexual guilt propaganda was unnecessary, so a private theater took on this play, as should always have been the case.

Charlemagne Prize 2024 to go to Europe’s leading rabbi
Prize for “uniting Europe” goes to non-European population. The Christlike spirit of suicide sacrifice is strong with this democratic continent.

India: Ram Temple inauguration stokes political controversy
India wants to be a Hindu state, which means sending everyone else — ethnic other who adhere to non-Hindu religions — back home. Self-preservation is demonized because it is not Christlike suicide sacrifice.

NATO to hold its biggest military exercises since the Cold War
The clash of civilizations brought on by diversity has ended the postwar peace.

Decoding China: Beijing wants more influence in Africa
While they encourage the world to blind itself with diversity drama, the Chinese Communists are steadily taking over.

Why Americans Have Lost Faith in the Value of College
“College for all” means college is only as valuable as high school, so people are getting job experience and starting their own businesses instead.

Nikki Haley defends claim that America was ‘never a racist country’ at NH town hall before primary
Without diversity, there is no “racism.” America should have been more racist about early migrants like The Irish.

Heritage Foundation head defends Trump, scolds ‘elites’ at World Economic Forum: ‘You’re part of the problem’
Diversity killed the American Dream. Make something good, and soon others will arrive to parasitize it, and soon you have a terminal bureaucracy of “elites” and a vast government-funded diversity underclass.

The Spectator editor Fraser Nelson speaks out on Telegraph takeover amid fears for free Press
One way to shut up conservatives: have foreign interests buy their newspapers.

Texas begins arresting illegal migrants in Eagle Pass, as war with feds escalates
The Feds want more socialist voters. Texas wants to avoid going bankrupt. The pushback against the federal government intensifies with shades of the 1840s.

Rising inequality slows as more women in lower-income groups join the labor force, analysis finds
Leftists forced a spate of minority hiring in order to make the inequality figures seem lower and create more false growth, setting the stage for a massive recession when conservatives regain control of the floundering ship of state.

Multicultural Americans to become majority population by 2050: Report
The neurotics — driven by fear into egomania which denies nature — declare victory, making it even more clear to the rest of us how important it is to resist the neocommunist regime.

Netanyahu publicly rejects US push for Palestinian state
Diversity does not work, even through segregation. Israel wants to smash Hamas and begin driving Palestinians into nearby Arab states.

Canadian who blamed government for wildfires guilty of starting 14 himself
If the theory of climate change is wrong, reify it by starting fires, I guess.

Kanye West sparks fury wearing shirt with neo-Nazi church-burning killer on it: Rapper’s fans appalled by apparent tribute to vile Varg Vikernes weeks after star apologised for saying he’d go ‘death con 3 On Jewish people’
The virus of opposition to diversity spreads, even if some foolish target a specific group instead of diversity itself. Vikernes wrote a recent book detailing a social justice oriented legal system and its failures, among other things.

‘Racial justice’ group loses MLK award after president posted anti-Israel statements
What do you do when the diversity hates other diversity?

Gross National Gloom
Bhutan set up a “national happiness index,” but it turns out that most people simply want a productive economy.

Why family businesses get more from women leaders
Family businesses have more women on the board, mainly because women are family too. This excites Leftists.

Research demonstrates the importance of diverse social ties to entrepreneurship, even in divided societies
Scientists accidentally admit that political views map to ethnicity.

46 GOP senators sign SCOTUS brief downplaying Trump’s role in January 6 insurrection
Everyone knows he called for calm and was censored by Twitter, not to mention an utter lack of connection between the rioters and Trump. The Leftist case falls apart upon inspection as usual.

BMW’s South Carolina plant is testing humanoid robot workers
The workers overthrow any competent government and leech off the work of the rest of us, not all of whom are so optionless we opt for being employees. Time to replace them. The auto industry has spent decades terrorized by these idiots and now has found a way around them.


White World Wrap (2024-01-20)

A daily digest from the White pov. One small excerpt…

Fully Vaccinated World Champion Pole Vaulter Dies Suddenly Aged 29

Canada’s world champion pole vaulter Shawn Barber, who won the gold medal at the world championships in Beijing in 2015, has died suddenly at the age of 29. According to a statement released by the […]
The post Fully Vaccinated World Champion Pole Vaulter Dies Suddenly Aged 29 appeared first on The People’s Voice.

The Daily Nationalist: Israel in the Dock – DN 011824

More of Dr. Johnson’s academic work as well as methods by which you can support his work can be found at today’s Daily Nationalist, Matthew Raphael Johnson summarizes the events at the International Court of Justice at the Hague. As the case against Israel finishes up, the world awaits a response. While the ICJ has no real “teeth” and even a conviction will not have direct consequences for Tel Aviv, the propaganda victory of a conviction would be immense. Israel’s defense was weak, rhetorical and purely emotional, centering around, as always, the Holocaust.  This is the new address for Sven Longshanks:James Allchurch A5903EYHMP Berwyn, Bridge Road, Wrexham Ind.Est., Wrexham, LL139QSThis is the link to the PA article concerning Sven which contains a mailing address should you wish to send financial support to him via the postal service: Below is the Givesendgo fundraiser for Sven. This is probably the easiest way to send him financial support: It is possible to send Sven emails via the site linked below:

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Do Not Blame Social Media for How Diversity Has Divided Society

However, maybe it is time for humanity to simply grow…

Canada: Low-IQ Bureaucrats Target Genius Philosopher

American Dissident Voices broadcast of 20 January, 2024 by Kevin Alfred Strom THIS WEEK THE cowardly, treasonous, and disgusting government of Canada decided to “protect” its citizens — not by stopping Black rapists or Israeli porn merchants or Mestizo gang leaders from crossing…

Man beaten to death … with firewood — 51-year-old Scotty Jackson was beaten to death with firewood in Fort Worth, TX. Arrested was Christantus Omondi, 27. Reports say Jackson was delivering firewood when he was approached by a naked male. Omondi beat Jackson with the firewood he was delivering. The alleged attacker was arrested and charged with murder, but not until he returned to the Airbnb he was renting and threatened another tenant.The homeowner said the suspect was acting “belligerent and extremely violent”, according to The homeowner said he “Fully believe with my whole heart that he was out to murder both of us”.Police found Jackson dead in the front yard with “severe blunt force trauma” to the head and neck.• 51-year-old Scotty JacksonImg link: source: Christantus OmondiImg link: source:[Naked man beat Fort Worth delivery driver to death with firewood, court docs say, By Peyton Yager and FOX 4 Staff,, Jan. 17, 2024]  

200 latest news reports from 100 top conservative websites

Episode 434: Powers & Principalities: Episode 332

Gonzalo Lira RIP & Jewish Tunnels

Netanyahu: ‘Israel Must Govern the Entire Middle East’

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared on Thursday
that Israel plans to control the entirety of Palestine “from the river
to the sea” and told the rest of the world to get out of the way.

NOW – Netanyahu: “In the future, the state of Israel has to control the entire area from the river to the sea.”— (@disclosetv) January 18, 2024

🚨🇮🇱#BREAKING: Israeli news channel @i24NEWS_EN, has deleted the viral video of Benjamin Netanyahu saying:”In the future, the state of Israel has to control the entire area from the river of the sea.”Israeli interesting…— Censored Men (@CensoredMen) January 19, 2024

“This conflict is not about the lack of a state of Palestinians but the
existence of a Jewish state,” Netanyahu said. “Every area we evacuate,
we receive terrible terror… and therefore I clarify that in any
arrangement, in the future the state of Israel has to control the entire
area from the river to the sea.”
reports: Zionist activists have repeatedly claimed that the phrase
“From the river to the sea” is a call for genocide when pro-Palestine
activists say it.“This is what happens when you have sovereignty,” he continued. “I
say to my American friends, stop trying to impose on us a reality that
will jeopardize us. A prime minister of Israel has to be able to say
‘no’ even to the best of friends.”

The US must fund Israel’s genocidal ethnic cleansing
campaign and take in Gaza’s refugees but we can have no say in anything
Israel does. This is our “special relationship.”

Inside the Eye Live! 074

Episode 074  :  
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Denver hospital at ‘critical point’ after illegal immigrants overwhelm health system

By Jarryd Jaeger – The Postmillennial Denver‘s public healthcare system, Denver Health, is in “critical” condition as it continues to deal with a rise in…
The post Denver hospital at ‘critical point’ after illegal immigrants overwhelm health system appeared first on From the Trenches World Report.

Call Them by Their Name: Part III – Ancient Historical Understanding

Judaism is an ‘Abrahamic’ ethnic religion that is monotheistic in nature. It is made from the cultural and

Diversity, Equity, and Midair Collisions

1,245 words / 9:47
I remember what air travel was like in the dark and moldy days before social progress. Back then, you could board your plane without being forced to arrive at the airport two hours before flight time and to wade glumly through labyrinthine lines where grumpy black TSA agents tore through your baggage and you had to raise your hands over your head like a criminal suspect as federal machines scanned your body to see if you’d hidden guns or drugs under your nuts. Planes had extra leg room, didn’t charge for luggage, and you’d get a free meal, even on short flights. All of the “flight attendants” were sexy white girls known as “stewardesses,” and all of the pilots were white men.
But then came progress.
Audio version: To listen in a player, use the one below or click here. To download the mp3, right-click here and choose “save link as” or “save target as.”
Last week, air travel was shut down across the United States for about 12 hours starting on Tuesday evening and ending the next morning. As of late Wednesday afternoon, over 1,100 flights had been canceled and more than 9,000 flights delayed. Officials at the Federal Aviation Administration said the meltdown was caused by a “damaged database file” in their NOTAM (Notice to Air Missions) communications system but that there was no evidence of a cyber-attack.
According to the Associated Press:
Longtime aviation insiders could not recall an outage of such magnitude caused by a technology failure. Some compared it in scope to the nationwide shutdown of airspace after the 2001 terrorist attacks.
Back in the days of stewardesses and free airline meals, “NOTAM” stood for “Notice to Air Men.” But then progress came along and changed it “Notice to Air Missions” lest they offend women and the sexually ambiguous.
On January 5, the week before the mass shutdown that reminded aviators of the outage following the September 11 attacks, a door blew out of an Alaska Airlines flight, necessitating an emergency landing in Portland, Oregon “as startled passengers clutched oxygen masks with a gaping hole in the plane.”
You can buy Jim Goad’s Whiteness: The Original Sin here.
In December, The Wall Street Journal announced that “[t]he Federal Aviation Administration reported 19 serious runway incursions” from January to October of 2023. “Runway incursions” is an antiseptic way of describing what the New York Post bluntly refers to as “instances in which airplanes nearly smashed into one another.”
This past Monday, The Telegraph reported that a Boeing jet with 65 people aboard was “forced to turn back to Sapporo, Japan” after a crack was found in a cockpit window.
As alarming as all this might sound, we can take solace in the fact that airlines are purging their ranks of employees who say “nigger.”
Less than a year after George Floyd’s unfortunate death — I don’t mean it’s unfortunate that he died, I mean it’s a shame how his death was used as an excuse to force myriad inconveniences and outright danger upon we, the unfortunate — Boeing bragged that it had fired 65 employees and disciplined an additional 53 “over racist conduct.” According to Boeing CEO Dave Calhoun, “There is no place for hate within our company, and we will keep expecting the best from everyone in their interactions with one another.”
Boeing, whose quotient of minority employees had already stood at 31% by 2021, vowed to increase their quotient of black employees by 20%, which would make white employees a statistical minority.
In a recent interview, United Airlines CEO Scott Kirby vowed that “[w]e have committed that 50% of the classes will be women or people of color. Today, only 19% of our pilots at United Airlines are women or people of color.”
If you’d like to taste a rainbow of vomit in your mouth, check out the promotional video about “Virgin Atlantic’s updated gender identity policy,” in which pioneering punk-rock seamstress Vivienne Westwood trots out a crew of sexually-ambiguous flight attendants to dazzle and beguile us.
Virgin Atlantic’s updated gender identity policy
The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is overseen by Department of Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, the Affirmatively Anal appointee who did such a wonderful job handling that chemical spill in East Palestine, Ohio.
The FAA’s “Diversity and Inclusion” page, which has the cute subhead “Diversity Takes Flight,” asserts that diversity is critical to the aviation industry without bothering to explain why:
Because diversity is so critical, FAA actively supports and engages in a variety of associations, programs, coalitions and initiatives to support and accommodate employees from diverse communities and backgrounds. . . . The mission of the FAA involves securing the skies of a diverse nation. It only makes sense that the workforce responsible for that mission reflects the nation that it serves.
The FAA proudly declares that they cultivate special emotional support groups for homosexuals, Injuns, Hispanics, Asians, blacks, women — pretty much every group except straight white males, unless you have the good fortune to suffer some sort of physical or cognitive disability. In that case, your special needs garner you extra-special attention:
The Secretary of Transportation has set a hiring goal of three (3) percent per fiscal year for individuals with targeted (severe) disabilities. . . . The targeted disabilities are:

Hearing (total deafness in both ears)
Vision (Blind)
Missing Extremities
Partial Paralysis
Complete Paralysis, Epilepsy
Severe intellectual disability
Psychiatric disability

An industry populated with blind, limbless, emotionally unstable dwarfs with low IQs? On second thought, I think I’ll drive instead.
John P. Benison serves — as much as is possible for a man who has been legally blind since birth and has eyes that look as if God squeezed them an inch apart from one another — as the Assistant Administrator for the FAA’s Office of Civil Rights. His official FAA “About” page is a piping-hot bowl of woke alphabet soup that probably sounds profound to dumb people but suggests that his main job is to help hire not the most qualified applicants, but the most socially atypical:
Mr. Benison is responsible for assuring full, affirmative implementation of civil rights, equal opportunity, and diversity precepts within the FAA for over 47,000 employees and recipients of federal assistance. Mr. Benison is the principal advisor to the Administrator concerning civil rights, equal opportunity, and diversity matters. As the FAA Equal Opportunity Officer, Mr. Benison directs the civil rights, equal opportunity, and diversity program consistent with the Department of Transportation Office of Civil Rights, The Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Commission, the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) and the Departments of Labor and Justice policies.
Benison’s college alumnus page at George Washington University — which uses the same devastatingly sexy photo as his FAA page — describes him as “a proud, openly gay man and the father of an adopted 8-year-old daughter.” It quotes Benison opining on how he was able to triumph over adversity: “I had a strong support system — my family and at GW — so I never felt like there was anything I couldn’t do.”
Nothing you couldn’t do? How about flying a plane?
Although I could find no specific FAA policy that outright forbids the blind from being airline pilots — as was parodied in an October 2022 headline from the Babylon Bee, “In Major Win for Diversity, Airline Hires Blind Pilot” — I’ve heard rumors that federal authorities, at least currently, aren’t ready to close their eyes and take that bold parachute jump into full-throttle tolerance.
It all reminds me of a cartoon from the early 1990s by the inimitable A. Wyatt Mann: “HIRE THE HANDICAPPED . . . BUT NOT AS NEWSCASTERS.” So if you insist on hiring the blind, at least keep them out of the cockpit.

Deep Dive

What comes next, then next, then next? Why most “experts” will never know/say or even see any of it coming.

Fearless with Jason Whitlock: EMJ on How Sexual Freedom Created Political Prisoners

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Nativist Concern Interview (Voice Audio Fixes a few minutes in)

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Return of the Strong Gods | 1/19/24

Modern liberal democracies have attempted to quash difficult questions about the transcendent, but the resurgent forces of nationalism and populism show that those questions are not going away. I explain why ideology is dying and why the question “Who are we?” has become the most important one a nation can ask. Pre-order The Total State: on:Apple:…