Episode 838: Unapologetic Southern Nationalism w/ Keith Alexander

Keith Alexander is the host of the Political Cesspool Podcast. Pete asked Keith to come on to discuss Southern Nationalism, historic American race relations, and what some are calling "The Noticing".... View More

Her Name Is Keris Riebel: White Female Newlywed Hacked To Death By Black Male On New Year’s Day At A Dollar Tree

On New Year’s Day, Bethel Bekele—apparently an Ethiopian immigrant—entered a Dollar Tree with a machete, approached Keris Riebel while she was working, and hacked her to death. The architects of Jim Crow knew the truth, though our Marxist overlords demand we forget.... View More

Why They Don’t Want You to Know What Books the Nazis Burned

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The Kalergi Plan – White Genocide

A Matthew North documentary Matthew North's extensive work on the Kalergi plan, the origins of, and the European genocide raging today is well documented in this video.... View More

The Real Holocaust

It was not a famine. It was a genocide. Chris Fogarty is interviewed about his book entitled Ireland 1845 - 1850 The Perfect Holocaust And Who Kept It Perfect... View More

Buffalo Bills player collapses on LIVE TV as world gasps in disbelief (Video)

It was announced in the hospital parking lot that Hamlin is not expected to make a full recovery. Hamlin was vaccinated. The Buffalo Bills is a 100% vaccinated team. It now appears that the vaccine likely played a very major role in his injury until proven... View More

The Media Matrix | Full Documentary

By The Corbett Report Media. It surrounds us. We live our lives in it and through it. We structure our lives around it. But it wasn’t always this way. So how did we get here? And where is the media technology that increasingly  ... View More

Robert Phoenix and Russ Winter Expose the Neo-con Progenitors

This deep dive delves into the monsters who create so much of this neo-con infested world. We go to the horse’s mouths quoting the words of such villains as Leo Strauss, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Bernard Lewis... View More

31/12/22 Katie Fanning and Thomas Sewell Stream

Great discussion on issues plaguing Western Civilization and solutions.... View More

The French Revolution: Blood in the Streets of Paris

The French Revolution (1789 - 1799) led to the destruction of both the Monarchy and the Aristocracy and high Nobility of France, and set new governing precedent in the process. Posing as an organic movement of the people, it would serve to help change the... View More

Episode 135: Richard Haass & the CFR

Richard Nathan Haass is an American diplomat. He has been president of the Council on Foreign Relations since July 2003, prior to which he was Director of Policy Planning for the United States Department of State and a close advisor to Secretary of State... View More


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Zelenskyy Hires Globalist BlackRock CEO Larry Fink To Oversee Ukraine’s Money Laundering Scam

Ukraine’s corrupt President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has hired financial globalist and BlackRock CEO Larry Fink to help coordinate his country’s massive money laundering scheme. Per CNBC: Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and BlackRock CEO Larry Fink agreed to  ... View More

Clot-Shot Tyranny in Putin’s Russia

While I don't agree with James Corbett on everything, I think this clip is a great entryway into the reality of vaccine tyranny in Soviet Russia under Vladimir Putin.... View More

Left-Wing Terror — Beginning of Series

For hundreds of years, left wingers have sought to bring about utopia through political terrorism. Join us for a series going through this horrifying history. We start with an overview... View More

Leftwing Terror Series — The Columns of Hell

Mass murder in the Vendée. The hidden genocide of the French Revolution... View More

Leftwing Terror Series — Biennio Rosso

“The merit that Fascism has thereby won for itself will live on eternally in history.” Why did the great classical liberal and economist Mises say this? We tell the story of the Two Red Years in Italy.... View More

Leftwing Terror Series — The Great Martyrdom

In 1922 alone 2690 priests, 1962 monks, and 3447 nuns, altogether 8100 people, were killed for righteousness' sake. The largest persecution of Christians in the history of the world was 100 years ago in the Soviet Union.... View More

Leftwing Terror Series — Terror Rojo

The Red Terror in Spain during the Spanish Civil War only lasted from 1936 to 1939. But tens of thousands were murdered, including almost 7,000 Catholic priests, nuns and other clergy.... View More

Leftwing Terror Series — Red Bavaria

Just after World War I, Bavaria briefly became a "Soviet Republic". We'll discuss how much damage commies can do with just one year in charge... View More

Leftwing Terror Series — Rioting for Rights

We have seen that left-wing political change has come with left-wing terror. But an exception to this is the non-violence of the US civil rights movement. Just kidding! There was terror and violence there also, conveniently forgotten.... View More

Leftwing Terror Series — Bombs in America

We begin our coverage of the US's own left-wing terror with the Weather Underground and the Black Liberation Army. People have completely forgotten that in 1972 we had over nineteen hundred domestic bombings in the United States.... View More

New Paradigm Apocalypse Popcorn – Ep3

Always entertaining/informative video going over news, trends and predictions.  www.waykiwayki.com, Telegram Group: 1000 people or so - active.... View More

The Orthodox Nationalist: ‘The Great Leap Forward’ – TON 122822

Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson discusses Chairman Mao Zedong's “Great Leap Forward”. From 1958 to 1962, 50 million Chinese lost their lives due to the implementation of the largest social experiment in human history. The Great Leap Forward was a bloody period... View More

The Orthodox Nationalist: The ‘Jewish Commission’ – TON 122122

Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson looks at Gavrila Derzhavin and “The Committee for the Organization of Jewish Life”. Few realize that the Jewish question was specifically addressed in imperial Russia under two successive emperors: Paul and Alexander I. Their “Jewish Commission” under... View More

S o T o S p e a k | Ep. 945 | Keynesian Collapse

The Keynesian experiment and socialism may differ somewhat in form, but they have the same end result: Societal collapse. Rational resource allocation eventually breaks down in both cases because monetary systems can’t survive being decoupled from the scarcity of physical... View More

30 by 30 is the biggest land grab in history marketed under the guise of “protecting biodiversity”

This “deal” incorporates the nefarious 30 by 30 plan which is to set aside 30% of land and oceans as “Protected Areas,” areas within which human activity is restricted or prohibited.  Survival International, an international non-government organization that works for human rights, recently told Down to... View More

The unspoken and forbidden truth about who was really behind the Kennedy assassination

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1323 Athlete Cardiac Arrests, Serious Issues, 900 Dead, After COVID Injection

It is definitely not normal for so many mainly young athletes to suffer from cardiac arrests or to die while playing their sport, but this year it is happening. Many of these heart issues and deaths come shortly after they got a COVID vaccine... View More

Massive Compilation of ‘Died Suddenly’ Clips and Articles

It's not a coincidence that people are now dying mysteriously in droves after taking the mandated "clot shot".... View More

New Documentary Portrays Jewish-Bolshevik Mass Murderers In Latvia As Victims Of ‘Nazi’ Liberators

A new documentary film has been released that intentionally hides and downplays how Jews aided and abetted the ruthless Soviet invasion of Latvia in 1940, directly leading to the torture and murder of tens of thousands of Christian Latvians, an act of betrayal that would... View More

20-Plus Black-On-Whte Homicides (not counting Asians etc.) Police, Media Increasingly Suppressing Race: 20 August 2022—Another Month In the Death of White America, by Kenn Gividen

Apart from the usual toll of White women (and this month one White man) killed by Black Significant Others, we note a new trend: whites killed while driving or riding in cars. Road rage appears to be factor. Traveling while... View More

Jews and Revolutions, by Larry Romanoff

Much of the so-called “history” we were taught in our schools has not been so accurate as we might have believed. In particular, the book publishers, with cunning aforethought, have managed to eliminate much of the most important information necessary to give us a real... View More

PBS Offers Free Lesson Plans, Teaching Course for Educators Related to Upcoming Ken Burns Holocaust Documentary

PBS LearningMedia, the educational arm of the PBS network, announced the release of free lesson plans for middle and high school teachers to help educate students about topics explored in an upcoming documentary that focuses on how the United States government and American people... View More


If you’re reading this and you don’t work for the SPLC, you’re most likely a dissident. What makes you a dissident is that you notice various existentially important things and you also notice the contradictory beliefs that other people hold about these things. Probably what... View More

Sweden: 79% of “Refugees” Vacationed in Country They Fled

A Swedish newspaper has put out a report describing how 79 percent of so-called “refugees” living in Sweden have actually vacationed in the country they fled. This just shows what a hoax all this “refugee” stuff is... View More

Why Are Leftists Obsessed With Destroying Hero Culture?

They are seeking to change the nature of heroism by hijacking cultural pillars and erasing beloved stories and characters in order to “reboot” them in the image of the leftist cult. This is usually done under the cover of “diversity and equity” as a means... View More

Americans Need Not Apply: New York Governor Announces Grant to Israeli Tech Company

On 12 September, Democratic New York Governor Kathy Hochul delivered remarks at the Jerusalem Post Annual Conference.  She announced the winner of the New York-Israel Smart Energy Innovation Challenge was ZOOZ Power, an Israeli technology company specializing in electric vehicle (EV) super-charging.  ZOOZ Power developed... View More

Why Aren’t Media Following Weekly Newspaper’s Revelation On Beheading Suspect? He’s An Illegal Alien From Venezuela

Just one newspaper, as far as we can tell, put the right lead on a second-day story about the “California man” whom police arrested for beheading a woman in front of her children at about noon on September 8... View More

What Is Loxism?

Loxism is the hatred of White people by Jews. It is the most pervasive form of racial hatred on the planet, and yet it is never mentioned by the mainstream of society. It is the driving force behind global events, and yet we are threatened... View More