Subjects That Are Too Hot to Handle

We live in a world where the most important subjects of our time are largely ignored, and we have to inhabit simultaneously two parallel versions of reality: the official reality, the one politicians, social commentators, and asleep citizens discuss, and... View More

Four Stages of Breaking Free from Mind Control

There is a small percentage of people among us who, for whatever reason, begin to question the reality they have been taught. These people often go through four stages of awakening. At what stage are you... View More

Machines Like Gods: Artificial Intelligence versus Jewish Power and Leftist Lies

All things must pass, say Hindus and Buddhists. Jews expand and alter that sentiment. They say: All things must pass a simple test. And the simple test runs, of course, like this: “Is it good for Jews?” That test has... View More

Episode 373: E. Michael Jones on Why It’s Easier to Talk to a Robot Than to a Jew

Dr. E. Michael Jones returns to discuss his recent article “Why It’s Easier to Talk to a Robot Than to a Jew.” We also talk about Biden administration's announcement of a National Strategy to Counter Anti-Semitism and how it represents... View More

The Daily Nationalist: A Government of Criminals

Dr Johnson discusses the reality of Israeli government policy when it comes to the Palestinians. So long as the American state and Protestants back the Israeli regime, they will continue to kill with impunity... View More

The Daily Nationalist: The Destruction of Ukrainian Orthodoxy

Dr. Mathew Raphael Johnson exposes the persecution of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. In July of 2023, Metropolitan Pavel (Lebed) of Vyshgorod was placed under arrest by the Kiev administration and is presently being held in prison. His diocese contains... View More

The Orthodox Nationalist: Byzantine Economic Thought

Dr Johnson discussed the Byzantine economic thought. It was so stable because the Byzantine state ensured economic justice. The core of Byzantine economic theory is one of the reasons it outlasted western Rome by a thousand years.... View More

The Orthodox Nationalist: The Nationalist Economics of Johann Fichte

Dr Johnson discusses Johann Fichte. Johann Gottlieb Fichte. It is an early National Socialist attempt to regulate the chaos and violence of liberal capitalism (which is just usury and rent-seeking) with a national and social conception of the state... View More

The Orthodox Nationalist: The Political Economy of Oligarchy II

Dr Johnson lists the assumptions in the “free market” model. None of those assumptions are true. “Deregulation” doesn't mean free competition, it means that the oligarchs who control an industry can set prices and manipulate both the public and state... View More

The Orthodox Nationalist: The Political Economy of Oligarchy I

Dr Johnson presents the first podcast in a multi-part series on the nature of economics under the conditions of oligarchy. Why are the Regime's predictions about world economic events always – always – wrong? Is it just incompetence and ideological blinders... View More

The Orthodox Nationalist: Usury

Dr Johnson looks into the source of much of the misery we find in modern society. Michael Hoffman wrote a very important book on usury: Usury in Christendom: The Mortal Sin that Was and Now is Not, rescuing the term... View More

Episode 927: Uprisings and Pogroms in Historic Ukraine w/ Dr. Matthew Raphael Johnson

Dr. Johnson starts by giving a description of the Khmelnytsky Uprising that took place in Poland and Lithuania between 1648 and 1657. It was spurred by Jewish business interests taking control and preaching a Messianic message. Then talks about modern Ukraine conflict... View More

Episode 926: Asking Forbidden Questions w/ Ian Smith

Ian Smith came to fame during COVID lockdowns when he reopened his gym against NJ ordinance, bringing the heat of the State and public opinion down upon him. His political journey and attention drawn by asking taboo questions on Twitter... View More

The Competency Crisis

Article discussed: https://www.palladiummag.com/2023/06/01/complex-systems-wont-survive-the-competence-crisis. The core issue is that changing political mores have established the systematic promotion of the unqualified and sidelining of the competent. This has continually weakened our society’s ability to manage modern  ... View More

The Delingpod — Feargus O’Connor Greenwood

Feargus O'Connor Greenwood is the author of 180 Degrees - Unlearn the Lies You've Been Taught. Six years in the making, 180 Degrees is possibly the best 'conspiracy theory' book ever written - more digestible than Tragedy & Hope and written in such a cool... View More

‘Old As jewry Itself’ – jewish Ritual Murders Up to the Year 1840

It is natural that international jewry, even after the murder instructions of its secret law books had become known to a larger circle in excellent and unimpeachable translations -- beginning with those of Eisenmenger and up through Erich Bischoff... View More

ADL, International Jewish Groups Form “J7” to Combat “Anti-Semitism” Worldwide

Always remember and never forget: it is an irrational, hateful, delusional “conspiracy theory” to recognize the fact that Jews coordinate internationally to advance political and economic goals, wielding their collective influence in ways that manipulate and pressure governments, private... View More

The Covert Covid Culprits – Karl Haemers

Karl Haemers joins us to talk about his book Covert Covid Culprits and present his findings on who used the Covid pandemic and then the vaxx against the rest of us, as a weapon, to take more control and benefit financially... View More

How often do USC basketball players get cardiac arrests?

Executive summary: Based on overall statistics, it appears that USC should normally expect to see about 1 cardiac arrest of a basketball player every 100 years or so. So two events within a 12 month period is statistically highly unlikely. This means there is an... View More

Z Blog Power Hour: EP 286 Reparations

Subjects discussed: Reparations Talk, The Justice Of Peaceful Separation, Racial Vengeance, Compensation, Distributive Justice... View More

Episode 838: Unapologetic Southern Nationalism w/ Keith Alexander

Keith Alexander is the host of the Political Cesspool Podcast. Pete asked Keith to come on to discuss Southern Nationalism, historic American race relations, and what some are calling "The Noticing".... View More

Her Name Is Keris Riebel: White Female Newlywed Hacked To Death By Black Male On New Year’s Day At A Dollar Tree

On New Year’s Day, Bethel Bekele—apparently an Ethiopian immigrant—entered a Dollar Tree with a machete, approached Keris Riebel while she was working, and hacked her to death. The architects of Jim Crow knew the truth, though our Marxist overlords demand we forget.... View More

Why They Don’t Want You to Know What Books the Nazis Burned

PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SHOW AND HELP US BUILD A STUDIO in 2023, Support on our website: https://www.dailyveracity.com/support... View More

The Kalergi Plan – White Genocide

A Matthew North documentary Matthew North's extensive work on the Kalergi plan, the origins of, and the European genocide raging today is well documented in this video.... View More

The Real Holocaust

It was not a famine. It was a genocide. Chris Fogarty is interviewed about his book entitled Ireland 1845 - 1850 The Perfect Holocaust And Who Kept It Perfect... View More

Buffalo Bills player collapses on LIVE TV as world gasps in disbelief (Video)

It was announced in the hospital parking lot that Hamlin is not expected to make a full recovery. Hamlin was vaccinated. The Buffalo Bills is a 100% vaccinated team. It now appears that the vaccine likely played a very major role in his injury until proven... View More

The Media Matrix | Full Documentary

By The Corbett Report Media. It surrounds us. We live our lives in it and through it. We structure our lives around it. But it wasn’t always this way. So how did we get here? And where is the media technology that increasingly  ... View More

Robert Phoenix and Russ Winter Expose the Neo-con Progenitors

This deep dive delves into the monsters who create so much of this neo-con infested world. We go to the horse’s mouths quoting the words of such villains as Leo Strauss, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Bernard Lewis... View More

31/12/22 Katie Fanning and Thomas Sewell Stream

Great discussion on issues plaguing Western Civilization and solutions.... View More

The French Revolution: Blood in the Streets of Paris

The French Revolution (1789 - 1799) led to the destruction of both the Monarchy and the Aristocracy and high Nobility of France, and set new governing precedent in the process. Posing as an organic movement of the people, it would serve to help change the... View More

Episode 135: Richard Haass & the CFR

Richard Nathan Haass is an American diplomat. He has been president of the Council on Foreign Relations since July 2003, prior to which he was Director of Policy Planning for the United States Department of State and a close advisor to Secretary of State... View More


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Zelenskyy Hires Globalist BlackRock CEO Larry Fink To Oversee Ukraine’s Money Laundering Scam

Ukraine’s corrupt President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has hired financial globalist and BlackRock CEO Larry Fink to help coordinate his country’s massive money laundering scheme. Per CNBC: Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and BlackRock CEO Larry Fink agreed to  ... View More

Clot-Shot Tyranny in Putin’s Russia

While I don't agree with James Corbett on everything, I think this clip is a great entryway into the reality of vaccine tyranny in Soviet Russia under Vladimir Putin.... View More

Left-Wing Terror — Beginning of Series

For hundreds of years, left wingers have sought to bring about utopia through political terrorism. Join us for a series going through this horrifying history. We start with an overview... View More

Leftwing Terror Series — The Columns of Hell

Mass murder in the Vendée. The hidden genocide of the French Revolution... View More

Leftwing Terror Series — Biennio Rosso

“The merit that Fascism has thereby won for itself will live on eternally in history.” Why did the great classical liberal and economist Mises say this? We tell the story of the Two Red Years in Italy.... View More

Leftwing Terror Series — The Great Martyrdom

In 1922 alone 2690 priests, 1962 monks, and 3447 nuns, altogether 8100 people, were killed for righteousness' sake. The largest persecution of Christians in the history of the world was 100 years ago in the Soviet Union.... View More

Leftwing Terror Series — Terror Rojo

The Red Terror in Spain during the Spanish Civil War only lasted from 1936 to 1939. But tens of thousands were murdered, including almost 7,000 Catholic priests, nuns and other clergy.... View More

Leftwing Terror Series — Red Bavaria

Just after World War I, Bavaria briefly became a "Soviet Republic". We'll discuss how much damage commies can do with just one year in charge... View More