Christian teacher who refused to call boy a girl is jailed in Ireland for contempt of court

A Christian teacher who refused to use gender-neutral pronouns at a school in Ireland has been jailed for breaching a court order after turning up to work following a suspension. Enoch Burke has described the ordeal as “insanity,” after he... View More

Afghan migrant arrested for attempted rape of underage Hungarian girl in Budapest

For the second time in two years, an Afghan man tried to rape a Hungarian girl in Budapest, according to police. The Budapest Police Headquarters is conducting proceedings for the crime of sexual abuse against a minor who is over 14 years of age but... View More

US Expands With New Base In Oil & Gas Rich Syrian Province

Presumably the establishment of a third main base inside oil and gas rich Hasakah province is toward furthering efforts at denying Damascus its own energy resources. The Syrian and Russian governments have for years condemned Washington for its ongoing occupation of a sovereign country... View More

5 Psychological Experiments That Explain the Modern World

The world is a confusing place. People do things that don’t make any sense, think things that aren’t supported by facts, endure things they do not need to endure, and viciously attack those who try to bring these things to their attention. If you’ve ever... View More

Let Them Drink Kool-Aid

The coverage of the ongoing water crisis in Jackson, Mississippi signifies much that has become dysfunctional in modern America. If future historians are ever searching for a symbol of the great American decline during its latter days, they could do a lot worse... View More

Beach landing footage goes viral as Britain approaches new annual illegal immigration record with four months still to go

The past weekend saw 2,120 individuals, predominantly adult males, arrive in 45 boats from across the English Channel, bringing this year’s total to 27,415. The onslaught from the European mainland this year has almost breached last year’s total of 28,526 despite having four full months of... View More

Video: 32 Young Doctors in Canada All Dead in 6 to 8 Weeks

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Migrant crisis: Greece stopped over 150,000 border-crossings so far this year

Greece halted more than 150,000 illegal immigrants at its borders this year, Minister for Migration and Asylum Notis Mitarachi reported on Sunday, as 2022 arguably marks the worst migrant crisis since 2015/2016. “Since the beginning of the year, we have... View More

Book of Esther: Jewish Blueprint for the Destruction of Nations

The program is pretty clear: to attach jewish whores to the King’s and leaders of the various kingdoms of the White Race; to inveigle the jewish advisors into the confidence of those in power in government; and then, with their... View More

Melbourne City Council votes to abolish Australia Day

We all know the “review” is just for show, the decision to abolish Australia Day has already been made. The leftists who hold institutional power in Australia are just waiting for the right moment to strike. A tiny minority of fanatics hold key positions... View More

The Real Truth Behind The Signing Of The Magna Carta

The principal purpose was to cancel the bonds of the Jewish moneylenders and to abolish usury and the privileged position of the Jews.... View More

What NSDAP Was Trying To Achieve For A Beleaguered Germany by Vertigo Politix

Vertigo Politix: https://archive.org/details/vertigo-politix-archive, 6,000 News Posts / Videos Published Yearly: https://EarthNewspaper.com... View More

Top Secret CIA Declassified Operation Northwoods

The recently declassified Operation Northwoods documents kept Top Secret for 40 years outline a US government plot to kill hundreds, probably thousands, of American citizens for political gain. In 1962, President JFK’s Joint Chief of Staff General L. L. Lemnitzer... View More

Kaminski Goes Ballistic — KGB 028

Episode 028:  “SCAPEGOATING Examining the Jewish strategies of deception” with special guest Loki Hulgaard, RSS feed for this podcast series is: https://speakfreeradio.com/feed/podcast/kgb... View More

The Fact Hunter 060

Episode 060:   Co-host Mark Warheit,  RSS feed for this podcast series is: https://speakfreeradio.com/feed/podcast/fact-hunter  ... View More

Ken Burns’ Anti-White HOLOHOAX Film, Sept 4, 2022

Ken Burns' Anti-White Doc posing as a Holocaust document.  Coming out to slam all whites... View More

Episode 786: Conspiracies, Left Insanity and Answers – Pete on Reality Czars Podcast

Nate from the Reality Czars podcast asked Pete to come on to discuss their favorite conspiracy theories, the growing insanity of the Left, and what may be the only answer going forward... View More

911 Synthetic Terror: Made In USA – Webster Griffin Tarpley

The authoritative work on 9/11 and state-sponsored false-flag terrorism. 9/11 Synthetic Terror is the only book to present a working model for the event - a network of moles, patsies, paramilitary pros, privatized intelligence assets and corrupt media corporations. We see how this enormous provocation... View More

There is no place on Earth that Europeans may call their exclusive homelands

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Canada Govt DELETES 1,973 Adverse Events Of Special Interest: Myocarditis, Paralysis & More

Full Report with Links: https://timtruth.substack.com/p/canada-govt-deletes-thousands-of, Want more videos? Join the leading researchers on https://GroupDiscover.com to find the best videos from across the free speech internet platforms... View More

Real Britannia: Carnival Carnage – RB 090522

Sven Longshanks and Max Musson look at Notting Hill carnival and the life of Lawrence of Arabia. The carnival saw 2 police women molested, hundreds of fights, 74 officers injured, 6 stabbings and one fatal stabbing. The next week we saw the same carnival demographic flash-mobbing a... View More

The Media’s War on White People

There is a vast media structure devoted entirely to attacking white people. We know who owns it, and we know what they want: our eradication. Stand against antiwhiteism before it's too late... View More

The Daily Nationalist: The Church Warns About the Church – DN 090622

Sven Longshanks follows up on the news story about the vicar accused of being a terrorism risk last year. Reverend Randall lost his job and was reported to Prevent for preaching tolerance, rather than adherence, to ideologies at odds with the church. He expected... View More

The Daily Nationalist: Politicised Police Fail to Solve Crimes – DN 090522

Sven Longshanks discusses the Police record on solving crime contrasted with their devotion to supporting left wing causes. Crime continues to escalate in the multicultural utopia that is London, with a one hundred man machete brawl leading to one death at the weekend... View More

UK: Ex-Footballer Notices Young Athletes Keep Dying for No Reason

The mass die-off of all these people who got the safe and effective vaccine is one of the great coincidences of our age. A former English soccer star lamented last week that no one is paying attention to the sudden rise in deaths of athletes... View More

Chenoa Elizabeth

First Dose of Pfizer on 04/05/21 Lot #EW0150, Second Dose of Pfizer on 04/26/21 Lot #EW0175, Q: What is your life like now, after getting the vaccine? A: Chronic illness has quickly become the center of my universe, snuffing everything else out. I had to stop... View More

Trump loyalists jumping ship due to his vaxx zealotry, one of worst “vaccine” adverse reactions to date, and 13 more sudden deaths

California legislators got jealous when we ranked the state fourth behind China, Canada and Australia for COVID dystopian policies. Governor Gavin Newsom and his band of radical liberal legislators responded with a vengeance, in an attempt to... View More

159 Children dead, 1.2k disabled, 14.5k hospitalised & 55k injured due to COVID Vaccination in the USA according to CDC

The latest figures published by the USA’s Centers for Disease Control reveal over 56,000 children have been injured due to Covid-19 vaccination across the USA, and sadly 1,174 of these children either suffered a life-threatening event or a permanent disability, while tragically a further 159... View More

Incendiary Radio with Robert Reyvolt – 9/4/2022

Robert discussed the global political situation.... View More

SADS: 20-Year-Old Canadian Hockey Player Drops Dead in the Locker Room

It turns out, being healthy is a danger to your health. This has always been the case, but we just noticed it recently  ... View More

Jeff Rense Radio Show – 2022.09.05

Hour 1 - Donald Jeffries  - Welcome to the Bidenstein Project, Hour 2 - Erica Khan  - Shedding Is Getting WORSE...Beware, Hour 3 - Mitchell Henderson  - Geopolitical Analysis... View More

It’s NOT the Blacks or Hispanics or Asians…IT’S THE JEWS, Sep 6, 2022

Attempted racial division and consequent civil war are the jews' design. We ALL have just one enemy....It's the Jews! Discussing Ayo Kimathi's book  JEWS ARE THE PROBLEM. jewsaretheproblem.com... View More

The Afghan-Iraq-Ukraine Insane Train of Devastating Jewish Zionist Wars

Dr Duke & Slattery -The Afghan-Iraq-Ukraine insane Train of devastating Jewish Zionist Wars... View More

Labor Day Message – The Horrific Cost in Lives and Money to Working People of America & the World from Zionist Wars!

Labor Day Talk – Duke & Stevenson -The Horrific Cost in Lives and Money to Working People of America & the World from Zionist Wars... View More

ACH (1901) Mark Dankof, Dr. Patrick Slattery, Paul Edward Stevenson, And Special Guest Yuro – The Dankof Report #22 – Meet The New Boss…

We discussed: the potential impacts of Liz Truss’ appointment as British Prime Minister; why most people only start to care about the state of the countries they live in, when they are hungry and cold; the growing unrest within Europe; Cultural... View More

ACH (1900) Mallificus Scott – The Limeys #85 – MMGTOW (Milwaukee Men Going Their Own Way) With Special Guest Giuseppe – The G Man!

Many topics to include Mallificus’ news on “The Great Distraction”; what the Covid Lockdowns have in common with the energy shortages; 6uild 6ack 6etter; guilting the West over the Ukraine; why we don’t have politicians like the legendary Louis... View More

One & The SAME / Hugo Talks

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Yes, you are being genocided by Them

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The Vietnam War Gulf of Tonkin Incident

On August 2nd, 1964, the USS Maddox destroyer was supposedly conducting reconnaissance in the Gulf of Tonkin when fired upon by North Vietnamese forces in Swatow gunboats. The Maddox, however, was not on a reconnaissance mission; it was part of a joint CIA-South Vietnamese covert... View More

Call It What It Really Is

It's time for people to start calling Critical Race Theory what it really is, and stop using liberal terminology designed to obfuscate what they're doing... View More