Anti-Zionist Twitter Users See Their Reach Plummet Ahead of Elon Musk’s Planned Visit to Auschwitz

Anti-Zionist Twitter users are finding that their reach has plummeted as Israeli media is reporting that X owner Elon Musk is going to visit Auschwitz next week and speak on a panel with Ben Shapiro on "anti-Semitism"... View More

Blackrock CEO at Davos: ‘You Have To FORCE Change, At Blackrock We Are FORCING Behavior’

Blackrock CEO Larry Fink let his mask slip at the World Economic Forum in Davos this week, admitting that his company is engaged in “forcing behaviors” and “forcing change” on behalf of the elite’s globalist agenda  ... View More

After the Reconciliation Memorial, Confederate Graves—and, Ultimately, All Whites?, by Eugene Gant

It’s bad enough that we permit communist goons to attack Confederate statues and memorials. It’s even worse for the federal government to do so because it breaks the tacit agreement after the War Between the States, which all presidents honored... View More

WarStrike Episode 2

Striker and Warren delve into the financial backing of Argentine President Javier Milei’s rise to power, the Biden administration’s indifference to Palestinian genocide, and the Houthis extraordinary challenge to ZOG. Make way for the latest MAGA foot soldier for Jews... View More

City outraged as memorial for Dresden firebombing victims sanded away

Dresden, Germany – A commemorative inscription honoring the over 25,000 Germans killed during the Allied firebombing of Dresden during the Second World War, was unceremoniously sanded away on... View More


When all the land, institutions, resources and pathways to to health, truth and happiness are owned, blocked and subverted by people that hate you - the only move on the board is to flip the table, clench your fist... View More

Kapparot – An Annual Orthodox Jewish Chicken Ritual That Happens in New York City

It's either molestation or spilling blood with this bunch... What is Kapparot? In the week leading up to Yom Kippur, a Jewish holiday, the streets of Brooklyn, New York become home to one of the largest wet markets in America.... View More

DiversityWatch (January 19, 2024)

Diversity Watch -- This post contains many recent articles and links which pertain to social and political issues and the authors brief comments on the situation... View More

White World Wrap (2024-01-20)

A daily digest from the White pov. One small excerpt of many - Rabbis tell Christians "You all worship 1 Jew you should worship all Jews... View More

Fully Vaccinated World Champion Pole Vaulter Dies Suddenly Aged 29

Canada’s world champion pole vaulter Shawn Barber, who won the gold medal at the world championships in Beijing in 2015, has died suddenly at the age of 29. According to a statement released by the... View More

The Daily Nationalist: Israel in the Dock – DN 011824

In today's Daily Nationalist, Matthew Raphael Johnson summarizes the events at the International Court of Justice at the Hague. As the case against Israel finishes up, the world awaits a response. While the ICJ has no real “teeth”... View More

Do Not Blame Social Media for How Diversity Has Divided Society

However, maybe it is time for humanity to simply grow up and accept differences...We can all get along only by accepting that we cannot all get along, and that diversity is simply making us hate each other... View More

Canada: Low-IQ Bureaucrats Target Genius Philosopher

American Dissident Voices broadcast of 20 January, 2024 by Kevin Alfred Strom THIS WEEK THE cowardly, treasonous, and disgusting government of Canada decided to “protect” its citizens - not by stopping Black rapists or Israeli porn merchants or Mestizo gang... View More

Man beaten to death … with firewood

51-year-old Scotty Jackson was beaten to death with firewood in Fort Worth, TX, Arrested was Christantus Omondi, 27. Reports say Jackson was delivering firewood when he was approached by a naked male. Omondi beat Jackson... View More

Episode 434: Powers & Principalities: Episode 332

Topics discussed: Gonzalo Lira RIP & Jewish Tunnels... View More

Netanyahu: ‘Israel Must Govern the Entire Middle East’

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared on Thursday that Israel plans to control the entirety of Palestine “from the river to the sea” and told the rest of the world to get out of the way... View More

Inside the Eye Live! 074

The Fetch covers current events and other various topics. Want to help SFR grow? Then please consider making a donation here... View More

Denver hospital at ‘critical point’ after illegal immigrants overwhelm health system

While Denver residents and those on Medicaid account for the vast majority of those receiving “uncompensated care,” officials have made it clear that the unprecedented rise in illegal immigrants arriving has been the straw that broke the camel’s back... View More

Call Them by Their Name: Part III – Ancient Historical Understanding

The differences between Jews and Christians are too many to list. They are followers of two separate religions after all. It is important to know that their differences brought about thousands of years of conflict between Judaism and much of the Middle East and Europe... View More

Diversity, Equity, and Midair Collisions

I remember what air travel was like in the dark and moldy days before social progress. Back then, you could board your plane without being forced to arrive at the airport two hours before flight time... View More

Deep Dive

What comes next, then next, then next? Why most “experts” will never know/say or even see any of it coming.... View More

Fearless with Jason Whitlock: EMJ on How Sexual Freedom Created Political Prisoners

Original Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wUs-CDWvK4s&t=3271s, In a 2019 report, 11% of men in America self-reported as being addicted to pornography. It’s a growing pandemic in our culture. The temptation surrounds you in media and online. All the porn you could ever want is... View More

NNR | Episode 856 | Guest: Emily Youcis

This is a nationalist media review variety show, reviewing the media produced by the best nationalist creators or news and current events that concerns us. This show is for those inspired to oppose anti-Whites, globalists, and their evil scheme for... View More

Nativist Concern Interview (Voice Audio Fixes a few minutes in)

Find me on Gab: https://gab.com/LogosRevealed, Support my work here: Monero: 8AwN26j1kYhCKVWmRDTNSnU5WUzgDoKtZ4yrM5CGpQktJytd212jUpbcbX3TNUhjNB3zgWnM9HQteXeBDq3oc9ikFMnswid, BTC: 3McSHVx9XeJwy63PYbRUFH5rL7gGZx48SH... View More

Return of the Strong Gods | 1/19/24

Modern liberal democracies have attempted to quash difficult questions about the transcendent, but the resurgent forces of nationalism and populism show that those questions are not going away. I explain why ideology is dying and why the question "Who are... View More

EEx Live | January 19, 2024 | NightNation.Review

Check out Night Nation, https://nightnation.review, We livestream Monday, Weds and Friday in the afternoon around 4:30 pm est or so depending on the guest/content, We also livestream Sundays at 5:30 pm est, Stay tuned to telegram, twitter, poast for updates... View More

Dark City 2: World Economic Forum Trailer (2024)

Please help support us on Patreon, read our goals here: https://www.patreon.com/truthstreammedia... View More

The Establishment’s Last Effort To Regain Control – FF Ep243

Henrik and Lana cover how desperate the establishment is getting in silencing and erasing those who are opposing them in this Flashback Friday January 19, 2024... View More

Secure Tollah Rants – LIVE! #110

The spectacular 'Hate-Filled Numerology of the Alt-Right' double header concludes... View More

White World Wrap (2024-01-19)

A daily digest from the White pov. One small excerpt of many - jews have bought journalism the way they’ve bought congress and politicians. any who resist have been deplatformed... View More

England Must Love its Jews, part 2

THE JEWS ARE NOTORIOUS for not being slouches when it comes to raking in the dough, and their dedication to erecting museums to their “poor pitiful plight” is also well known. Now they are combining the two. Yet another memorial institution... View More

England Must Love its Jews, part 1

ENGLAND HAS LONG had time to note the perfidy of the Jews but they seem to have remembered nothing and forgotten everything. There is the old dark history of the King’s befriending the Jews — who quickly became the enemy of the... View More

The Price of Peacekeeping in a Nation of Black Predators

On 28 August, 2015, Deputy Darren Goforth, a ten-year veteran of the Harris County Sheriff’s Department was murdered in cold blood while pumping fuel at a gas station. Driving his assigned Sheriff’s Department vehicle, and in uniform, Deputy Goforth was... View More

‘This Is Not Self-Defense… This Is Ethnic Cleansing’: Israel Blows Up Gaza University

The Israel Defense Forces’ detonation of more than 300 mines planted at Israa University in Gaza on Wednesday provided the latest evidence that Israel’s objective in its bombardment of the enclave is not self-defense... View More

Liberating Lady Liberty A closer look at Emma Lazarus and her “New Colossus”

Emma was a staunch Jewish identitarian. She saw America as a strange land, and she sought to reimagine the world around her into one that was more amenable to her Jewish sensitivities and interests... View More

Call Them by Their Name: Part II – Realizations About Jews

At first, It does seem ridiculous to jump to the conclusion that any certain group could be responsible for so much. At the same time, tell me which other group of people has been expelled from thousands of places for “no reason?... View More

Ronald Powell – Former NFL Linebacker Dies Suddenly At 32

Outsize attention has been drawn to the sudden deaths of exceptionally young athletes in recent years. Bronny James, the son of LeBron James, suffered a cardiac episode that doctors said was the result of a congenital defect  ... View More

Scotland: Paki Overlord Uncomfortable with the “National” in His Party’s Name

Every Western country is just run by Indians and Pakistanis now. This was actually predicted. White people let others walk all over them, and the higher end of the... View More

The Real Nature of German Democracy, by Gregory Hood

With a stagnating economy and surging population of hostile non-whites, Germany will be absorbed into the Third World. The German government seems willing to consider tyranny to stop this and is therefore neither democratic nor “liberal.” It’s certainly not German... View More

Senate Kills Measure to Scrutinize Israeli Human Rights Record as Condition for Aid

Sanders’s resolution was based on the Foreign Assistance Act, which prohibits the American government from providing security assistance to any government “which engages in a consistent pattern of gross violations of internationally recognized human rights"  ... View More