Her Name Is Eliza Fletcher: White Mother Of Two White Boys, Jogging In 64% Black Memphis, Abducted And Murdered By Black Male

In the dying days of the American Empire, we know more names will emerge to share the same fate as Brittney Watts.... View More

None Dare Call it Conspiracy – Full Speech by Gary Allen

Fifty years ago, journalist Gary Allen set out to write a book to prove conservative anti-communists wrong. But while researching, he realized he had not seen the hidden picture. What Allen claimed to have discovered was that a plutocracy of 3% of the population covertly... View More

FTN 513: FTN Goes to NJP + Deep Dive w/ Borzoi

Jazz takes FTN on the road to NJP with interviews with the NJP party committee and NJP attendees at the 8th party meeting over Labor Day weekend. After the first break, Jazz and Borzoi undertake an unabridged review of Andrew... View More

The End of Plenty

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The Third Rail #264 – Fifty Shades of Boomer

Borzoi and Lauritz knock out a quick episode on the absolute state of Britain's new PM, burnout, how oppression actually works, the migrant situation at Poa.st, how the ADL has always been a domestic spy operation, and more... View More

“Raped the Witness”

I’ve never heard of someone murdering his family and then raping the witness. This is a new crime from our good friends the blacks.... View More

White World Wrap (2022-09-04)

A daily digest from the White pov. One excerpt of many -- The “British” values parliament and the media push are just American values. Our politicians are just whores for Jews and Americans, every shitty little thing in the past 50 years has been to... View More

Exclusive: Proof that the top Israeli health minister lied to the FDA and the people of Israel about the vaccines

In short, the data showed that the government, which wasn’t monitoring for safety like they claimed, lied to the people of Israel. Also, it’s now clear that Dr. Sharon Alroy-Preis lied to the outside committee of the FDA about the Israeli safety monitoring... View More

TBR History Hour – Henry Herskovitz

On this edition of TBR History Hour, we’re joined by Henry Herskovitz, an anti-Zionist activist and supporter of historical revisionism. Henry and I discuss some recent developments in his legal struggles to protect his First Amendment rights, our Q&A... View More

Israeli Embassy in Hungary Condemns Installation of Bust of WW II Dictator Horthy in Parliament Building

The Israeli Embassy in Hungary has strongly condemned the proposed installation in the country’s parliament building of a bust of the wartime pro-Nazi dictator, Adm. Miklos Horthy. The far-right Mi Hazánk (“Our Motherland”) party announced the installation of the bust in the office of... View More

Four Wars that We Lost, part 4

The majority of the American, British, and Russian mainstream public believed the whole set of Jewish lies and were incited to hate Germany. This psychological trick is what allowed our enemies to win the war. Just as in the American Civil War, it was not... View More

Nick Patterson, 39, shot dead in Smyrna, TN

The tragic death of a working White man demonstrates a culture clash that has dominated the American landscape since 1619. Some cultures value working for a living, even if it means menial jobs, while others value violent crime to acquire cash... View More

White World Wrap (2022-09-03)

A daily digest from the White pov. One excerpt from the many -- Lower the quality of your life so jews can carry on the jew-pervert war on Russia.... View More

Syria Is Under An Israeli-US-UK Sponsored Attack, Yet Nobody Utters A Word

The United States, the EU, UK, and Israel are all waging a multi-pronged attack against the Syrian State and its people, however, this reality is never reflected in Western media. This is a silent war, which nobody even knows is... View More

Hellstorm: A Review

Hamburg, Germany, 1945: Thousands upon thousands of families with women and children lived in these apartment buildings before they were burned alive by American and British bombers. It was the most deadly and destructive war in human history. Millions were... View More

The AFP Report – Mike Walsh on Ukraine Conflict

On this edition of The AFP Report, we’re joined by Mike Walsh, an independent journalist, commentator, and author and a regular contributor to American Free Press. Mike and I begin by discussing his background and professional experience before delving... View More

US Signs Deal to Give Israel Four Refueling Planes Needed to Bomb Iran

The deal is worth $927 million, and Israel is purchasing the planes from Boeing with money from the $3.8 billion in military aid it receives from the US each year. Israel has the option to order four more KC-46s in the future... View More

13K Migrants Apprehended in One Week in Single Texas Border Sector

Del Rio Sector Border Patrol officials report the apprehension of just under 13,000 migrants during a recent seven-day period. They arrested more than 5,000 over the weekend. Part of the apprehensions came from seven large migrant groups who crossed... View More

Over 1,000 Reports of Adverse Events After COVID-19 Vaccination in Toddlers, Babies

As of Aug. 21, 996 non-serious reports have been entered into the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) for children 4 or younger who received a Pfizer vaccine and children 5 or younger who received a Moderna vaccine. Of the reported events, 19 were designated serious,... View More

Alex Williams from Thinking Slow

Alex Williams runs a UK based channel that began in march 2020, he interviews world leading experts, he has analysed and broken stories such as Diamond princess, Distortion of death statistics, Splitting hospital admissions “for” Covid and “with” Covid, Exposes dishonest methods used by ONS... View More

Google Tests ‘Prebunking’ Strategy to Protect Readers From ‘Misinformation’

Tech giant Google is testing out "prebunking" strategies aimed at "inoculating people against manipulation" and misinformation online... View More

Powers & Principalities: Episode 262

Biden's Hate Speech... View More

32-Year-Old Actress Charlbi Dean “Dies Suddenly”

We are seeing all sorts of young healthy people just dropping dead. This is just the latest most prominent example of this. This did not happen before the COVID-19 shots were rolled out... View More

Pizzagate Satanist Pedo John Podesta Joins White House

John Podesta who you may remember was fully exposed as a satanist pedo during the Pizzagate revelations a number of years back, has joined the White House to handle green energy climate hoax gibberish... View More

The ‘Truth’ Movement Will Fail If It Does Not Find The Courage To Name The Real Enemy

I’m now streaming live on Gettr three times a week Mon, Weds, Fri at 9pm Irish time so please jump on board and join the live chat where everything NWO is on the table... View More

The Death and Destruction of the White American Family

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Russian Oil Oligarch Who Criticized Ukraine War ‘Falls’ Out Of Hospital Window To His Death

Maganov's death is the latest in a string of unexplained or untimely deaths of Russian magnates connected to the energy industry in the last months.... View More

Live Stream Q & A 9/3/22

Live stream Q & A for September 3rd 2022.... View More

Inside the Eye Live! 005

Episode 005  :  With your host The Fetch.   RSS feed for this podcast series is: https://speakfreeradio.com/feed/podcast/inside-the-eye-live  ... View More

The Sane Asylum 041

Episode 041  :    Your host Giuseppe… the G-Man welcomes his special guest Dave Gahary. The new Saturday Sane Asylum. Dave Gahary comes on to discuss the new direction for Speak Free Radio and the changing of the guard.... View More

NUMEC: How Israel Stole the Atomic Bomb

The film exposes how terrorists took advantage of the massive weapons surplus following the end of WWII and created lucrative black-markets for illegal arms trafficking many of which went to the blood thirsty ethno-stater lunatics who created the state of Israel. The weapons theft... View More

The Alternative Media w/ Farren Shoaf Hour 1 September 3, 2022

News and Current Events.  Hour 2 is located at https://www.republicbroadcastingarchives.org/september-3-2022-the-alternative-media-w-farren-shoaf-hour-2... View More

Dark Brandon & The Shape of Things To Come – FF Ep183

Henrik and Lana cover the latest news in episode 183 of Flashback Friday this September 2, 2022.  Sign up for a membership at https://redicemembers.com. Get full access to our extensive archives, watch or listen to all our shows.... View More

The People’s Square – Hot Polish Takes

Eric Striker speaks with Polish nationalist Paul, who is involved with Konfederacja, on the situation in Poland and its neighbors... View More

Melissa Mayse

First Dose of Moderna on 12/20/21 -- Q: What is your life like now, after getting the vaccine? I still can’t drive due to the dizziness and fainting spells, and I’m always exhausted. My life has turned upside down now.  ... View More

We Need a COVID Origins Truth Movement (False Flag Weekly News with Cat McGuire)

Cat McGuire talks taboo truth about COVID, 9/11, BlackRock, the Great Reset, Trump-Biden wars, and even UFOs... View More

Hungary is listed among the world’s most peaceful countries

Hungary has been ranked one of the most peaceful countries in the world, putting it ahead of countries such as Germany, Norway, Belgium, and Australia, according to the Sydney-based Institute for Economics and Peace, which compiles a global peace ranking... View More

E. Michael Jones and Dianna Ploss

Dr. Jones sits down with 2022 Independent Candidate for Massachusetts Governor Dianna Ploss to discuss Jews, politics, and much much more, Dr. Jones books: https://www.fidelitypress.org/ Subscribe to Culture Wars Magazine: https://www.culturewars.com... View More

How Terrorists Formed A Nation

Ryan's Substack: https://ryandawson.substack.com, Ryan's site: https://www.ancreport.com, Ryan's VK: https://vk.com/rydawson, Official Telegram channel of ANC: https://t.me/ancreport... View More

Beyond The Official Narrative with Richard Kary, September 2, 2022

Richard host the Friday BTON roundtable, along with co-hosts Steven Douglas Whitener and Paul Edward Stevenson... View More