Episode 999: The Myth And Lies of the Russian ‘Pogroms’ w/ Dr. Matthew Raphael Johnson

Dr. Matthew Raphael Johnson is a researcher, writer, and former professor of history and political science, specializing in Russian history and political ideology. Dr. Johnson joins Pete to talk about research he's done into the pogroms of Jews that were alleged to happen in Russia... View More

The Orthodox Nationalist: Pogroms in Russia (1881-1907) – TON 011024

More of Dr. Johnson’s academic work as well as methods by which you can support his work can be found at https://theorthodoxnationalist.wordpress.com, The Jewish mind is fixated on its own persecution, refusing to ascribe motives to its enemies other than... View More

The Orthodox Nationalist: Cossacks and the Judeo Polish Alliance – TON 053123

Dr. Johnson's book, Ukrainian Nationalism, deals with the main ethnic marker of the Ukrainian nation: the rule of the Cossack military organization. They maintained Ukrainian independence and the integrity of the Orthodox church by acting as a body... View More


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Chabad’s Synagogue Tunnels & Epstein Files – Ryan Dawson

We are joined by Ryan Dawson to talk about the strange tunnel system that was discovered under the Jewish Orthodox Chabad Synagogue in Brooklyn, NYC. For the majority of the show we focus on the recent developments following the throve... View More

Jewish optics fail as identity politics prevails

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Morning Walks with Yizz 233 – Defeating Depression and Negativity

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Discordant Dragons 115 w Aydin and frens

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The Empire of Lies: Propaganda The Sinister Language (Jacques Ellul)

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We’re All German Farmers Now! – #NewWorldNextWeek

This week on the New World Next Week: the Epstein client list is not a client list, but it is a hangout that misses the deeper issues raised by the Epstein affair; we're all German farmers now as yet another round of farmer protests... View More

TRWOE 203: New Year, New Laws

You didn't think we were going to bring you good news in 2024, did you? For the new listeners: This is a show that examines the last week in Australian political news from a White Nationalist perspective... View More

White World Wrap 1-12-24

A daily digest from the White pov. One excerpt of many -- Directly counter to the Clown World narrative, it is the self-styled “democratic” systems championed by credentialed neoclowns like Friedman that have been exposed as ineffective and fragile frauds... View More

Birds of a Feather

The non-stop mixed-race couples in advertising and entertainment is so over the top that even the most moderate of your neighbors not only recognizes the game but openly mocks it. But recognizing propaganda doesn’t mean it’s not working. Though overtly... View More

German TV Promotes Great Replacement Climate Plan: Stop Having White European Children ‘Aryan CO2 Emitters,’ Import Third World Migrants Instead

The current political and demographic shifts in Europe are an existential threat to its indigenous populations, not seen since the Gates of Vienna in 1683... View More

The Evil of the jew

The recent revelation of the jewish tunnels found in New York city together with a high chair and a stained mattress reminds us that the days of ritual child murder and abuse have not ended. Please have a look at this series of articles... View More

New Hampshire Becomes Second U.S. State To Ban Chemtrails

Without using the word chem-trails, which can trigger people, the bill does address a genuine set of circumstances. From public figures to leading universities, there is chatter about aerosolizing the atmosphere with material... View More

The “Silent Cardiac Killer” Fraud: At Least 20 Young People Age 14-35 Drop Dead Each Week

Suddenly, mainstream media is telling us 1 in 300 young people have an “undiagnosed heart condition” that predisposes them to sudden cardiac death... View More

Doctors ‘baffled’ by unprecedented surge in cancers among young people under 50

The Wall Street Journal reports that doctors are baffled by the sudden rise in cancer among young people. The word “vaccine” appears nowhere in the article. It mindlessly goes on to say that doctors are “racing to figure out... View More

Maine begins paying rent for homeless migrants

Maine has begun paying rent for homeless immigrants living in apartments located in the town of Brunswick. The state budgeted nearly $3.5 million to provide... View More

Germany: Knife crime reaches 10-year high in Berlin as immigration soars

The German capital Berlin, often held up as a multicultural oasis, saw knife crime reach a record 10-year high in 2023 in tandem with a nationwide increase in immigration. Overall, violent crime hit a 10-year-high as well in 2023, according... View More

Father of three fatally beaten at Columbus, Ohio Kroger

DailyKenn.com — 53-year-old Donnie Smith was fatally beaten at a Kroger store in Columbus, OH. Arrested were Dionta Hughes, 18, Jamarion Evans-Bennett, 19, and a 17 year old... View More

Richard Wilder, 43, killed in Nashville, Tennessee

DailyKenn.com — Richard Wilder, 43, died in Nashville, TN. Arrested and charged with criminal homicide was Corey Frazier, 43. Reports say Frazier shot at Wilder while the victim was driving a pickup truck that crashed in a ditch and pole before... View More

Mac Lewis fatally shot in Nashville, Tennessee

DailyKenn.com — 20-year-old Mac Lewis was found fatally shot in a car in East Nashville, TN on Christmas Eve. Jamerius Rhodes, 19, was arrested for the murder.  ... View More

Elderly woman raped, shot, burned in Mississippi

DailyKenn.com — 73-year-old Mary Deloise "Dee" Eady was fatally shot after being raped in Forest, MS, reports say. Her remains were allegedly burned by the perpetrator. Sammy Patrick is alleged to have broken into the victim's home before killing... View More

CNN Admits All Gaza Coverage Is Run Past Team Under Israeli Military Censor

The censor restricts foreign news outlets from reporting on certain subjects of its choosing and outright censors articles or news segments if they don’t meet its guidelines... View More

Military.com: Army Sees Sharp Decline In White Recruits

In sum, the military hates you for being White and sees you as cannon fodder to die in Jewish wars in places like Syria and Yemen or for “women’s rights” in Afghanistan or for democracy in Ukraine. Even if you sacrifice your life... View More

Subjects That Are Too Hot to Handle

We live in a world where the most important subjects of our time are largely ignored, and we have to inhabit simultaneously two parallel versions of reality: the official reality, the one politicians, social commentators, and asleep citizens discuss, and... View More

Four Stages of Breaking Free from Mind Control

There is a small percentage of people among us who, for whatever reason, begin to question the reality they have been taught. These people often go through four stages of awakening. At what stage are you... View More

Machines Like Gods: Artificial Intelligence versus Jewish Power and Leftist Lies

All things must pass, say Hindus and Buddhists. Jews expand and alter that sentiment. They say: All things must pass a simple test. And the simple test runs, of course, like this: “Is it good for Jews?” That test has... View More

Episode 373: E. Michael Jones on Why It’s Easier to Talk to a Robot Than to a Jew

Dr. E. Michael Jones returns to discuss his recent article “Why It’s Easier to Talk to a Robot Than to a Jew.” We also talk about Biden administration's announcement of a National Strategy to Counter Anti-Semitism and how it represents... View More

The Daily Nationalist: A Government of Criminals

Dr Johnson discusses the reality of Israeli government policy when it comes to the Palestinians. So long as the American state and Protestants back the Israeli regime, they will continue to kill with impunity... View More

The Daily Nationalist: The Destruction of Ukrainian Orthodoxy

Dr. Mathew Raphael Johnson exposes the persecution of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. In July of 2023, Metropolitan Pavel (Lebed) of Vyshgorod was placed under arrest by the Kiev administration and is presently being held in prison. His diocese contains... View More

The Orthodox Nationalist: Byzantine Economic Thought

Dr Johnson discussed the Byzantine economic thought. It was so stable because the Byzantine state ensured economic justice. The core of Byzantine economic theory is one of the reasons it outlasted western Rome by a thousand years.... View More

The Orthodox Nationalist: The Nationalist Economics of Johann Fichte

Dr Johnson discusses Johann Fichte. Johann Gottlieb Fichte. It is an early National Socialist attempt to regulate the chaos and violence of liberal capitalism (which is just usury and rent-seeking) with a national and social conception of the state... View More

The Orthodox Nationalist: The Political Economy of Oligarchy II

Dr Johnson lists the assumptions in the “free market” model. None of those assumptions are true. “Deregulation” doesn't mean free competition, it means that the oligarchs who control an industry can set prices and manipulate both the public and state... View More

The Orthodox Nationalist: The Political Economy of Oligarchy I

Dr Johnson presents the first podcast in a multi-part series on the nature of economics under the conditions of oligarchy. Why are the Regime's predictions about world economic events always – always – wrong? Is it just incompetence and ideological blinders... View More

The Orthodox Nationalist: Usury

Dr Johnson looks into the source of much of the misery we find in modern society. Michael Hoffman wrote a very important book on usury: Usury in Christendom: The Mortal Sin that Was and Now is Not, rescuing the term... View More

Episode 927: Uprisings and Pogroms in Historic Ukraine w/ Dr. Matthew Raphael Johnson

Dr. Johnson starts by giving a description of the Khmelnytsky Uprising that took place in Poland and Lithuania between 1648 and 1657. It was spurred by Jewish business interests taking control and preaching a Messianic message. Then talks about modern Ukraine conflict... View More

Episode 926: Asking Forbidden Questions w/ Ian Smith

Ian Smith came to fame during COVID lockdowns when he reopened his gym against NJ ordinance, bringing the heat of the State and public opinion down upon him. His political journey and attention drawn by asking taboo questions on Twitter... View More

The Competency Crisis

Article discussed: https://www.palladiummag.com/2023/06/01/complex-systems-wont-survive-the-competence-crisis. The core issue is that changing political mores have established the systematic promotion of the unqualified and sidelining of the competent. This has continually weakened our society’s ability to manage modern  ... View More