Iraq Chaos Barely Registered in the News Cycle Today

What happened in Baghdad yesterday was not a minor news story. It was big news and it has been mostly ignored or buried by the Jew media. It also appears to have been barely addressed by American politicians... View More

Italy: Lampedusa Sees Record 50 Invader Boats in One Day

Remember when the 2015 migrant invasion was a big deal, and a topic of major discussion? Well, no one talks about it anymore, and it hasn’t stopped. It’s actually gotten worse. These people just keep pouring in and if someone with real power doesn’t do something... View More

The Christianity Psyop Exposed | Know More News LIVE w/ Adam Green & Charles Giuliani

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The Daily Nationalist: Removing Gender and Hiding Rape – DN 083022

Sven Longshanks looks at some shocking results of removing gender from language in Hospitals. Another NHS Trust has been found to change ‘mother’ for ‘birthing person’. Most people probably think this is harmless. As well as pretending transgenders cant rape, heterosexuals are being told they... View More

War Zone: New Pfizer Data Reveal Horrifying Rates of Miscarriage

The allied technocrats and transhumanists have declared war on humanity. We are now facing the largest genocidal event in history if these mRNA shots are not immediately taken off the market and emergency recovery protocols given to all who have... View More

US Hints At Preparing Military Option Against Iran To Israeli Officials

An Israeli official said that the US hinted it was preparing a military option against Iran during a meeting between Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz and US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan on Friday... View More

Tuesday Tidings IV: cannibalism is the new “you’ll eat it and like it,” Rockefeller Foundation takes bigger role in The Great Reset, and 12 more sudden deaths

This blogger drove a total of 2,200 miles last week for yet another funeral of a 40-something-year-old friend. Yes, she died in her sleep, and yes she received at least three injections... View More

Majority of America Now Agrees an INVASION is Happening at the Border, and Whites are Being REPLACED

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Jeff Rense Radio Show – 2022.08.29

Hour 1 - Donald Jeffries - The Light At The End Of Tunnel Is A Train, Hour 2 - Erica Khan - The Immense Hidden Number Of People Who Have Been Shot-Up With The BioWeapon Who Are Injured And Dying Hour 3 - Mitchell Henderson... View More

The British Government Has Begun Paying $140,000 for COVID-19 Vaccine Damage Victims

The United Kingdom has rolled out a financial compensation program for individuals and families who have been harmed by the COVID-19 vaccine, despite repeated claims by U.S. corporate media entities denying any negative health impacts of the vaccines... View More

The Toxicity of the Mainstream

The blue pill no longer offers a comfortable delusion.... View More

Beyond The Official Narrative with Richard Kary, August 30, 2022

Richard is joined by his Tuesday co-host Paul in California and guest Gerhard Lauck.... View More

Understanding Anti-Semitism: Why Do Some People Dislike Jews? [Documentary by Honest Media Today]

The question that the title and subject matter of this documentary film seeks to answer can be summed up easily in a statement made by Matt Hale once on national television: "You wonder why [Jews] are persecuted; it's because they deserve it!". This film... View More

Ruminating On Excess Deaths

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Avoiding Apathy and Despair in Clown World – Speaking with Pox Populi

How to avoid making oneself depressed at the state of the world without becoming apathetic to the situation... View More

New Law Punishes Doctors Who Challenge the Established Narrative on COVID-19

Now, with the passage of Assembly Bill 2098, this tyrannical state senator has finally gotten his way and even doctors who question the safety of a product from a company with a known history of criminal behavior will be punished by the state for doing... View More

Misha Petrov, Drew Barrymore, Sydney Sweeney, when women start to awaken to the great antiwhite lie

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UK Govt NOW DON’T Recommend Jabs For Pregnant Women / Hugo Talks

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NORDIC FRONTIER #238: American Krogan and Call of Duty: Vanguard

NORDIC FRONTIER. We will sit down with epic gamer American Krogan to talk about his latest documentary release on Call of Duty: Vanguard.... View More

Verified Hate: ‘Kill the Boer’ Is Not Hate

Blacks have been torturing and killing Boer farmers in South Africa for years, with the apparent indifference of the government. Chanting “kill the Boer” is not hate speech, but the “Equality Court” has ruled that flying the flag of the old South African regime... View More

Studies Show Fertility Rates Plummet Worldwide Following COVID-19 Vaccines

A presentation recently made by Dr. Christof Plothe, a German Doctor of Osteopathy who is also a member of the World Council for Health, reveals the most startling evidence yet that COVID vaccines are causing massive cases of infertility... View More

Pfizer Bars Whites From Applying For Prestigious Fellowship

No White people need apply for Pfizer's new "Breakthrough Fellowship" program... View More

White World Wrap (2022-08-30)

A daily digest from the White pov.  Small excerpt of many - "This is why jews are known as nation wreckers, really race wreckers. “we must destroy all other races and preserve our own” is their actual belief and behavior. It’s why a rational man... View More

UNKNOWN Cause of Death? Our Latest Propaganda!

Welcome to our special in depth report on the new Unknown Cause of Death phenomenon!... View More

Germany Expected to Increase Compensation Offer to Relatives of Israeli Athletes Massacred in Munich: Report

Germany is planning to increase its compensation offer to relatives of Israeli athletes and coaches massacred on its soil by Palestinian terrorists in 1972, amid a protracted row that threatens to cast a pall over the 50th commemoration of the tragedy next week, according to... View More

Whitney Webb Interview – History Of Epstein’s Network, Intelligence Ties & Links To Today’s Agenda

Joining me today on Moving Target is Whitney Webb, here to discuss her new book and many of the important revelations within. We discuss the overlapping connections that span throughout both US political parties and how there was a concerted effort to keep this from... View More

Australia’s Excess Death Toll Just Keeps Getting Worse

Somebody needs to answer for 15,000 deaths that they took responsibility for when they imposed health orders that had consequences that they were warned about in September 2021.... View More

Attacking Hate

Yet to slander White people that way is simply a matter of course. It’s good from time to time to ask yourself exactly why this is. The answer will tell you everything you need to know. Then there was the video put out by Jews... View More

‘Unknown Cause’ Is the Top Cause of Death in Canada!

A study looking at excess deaths in Alberta was quietly released in March in the International Journal of Infectious Diseases. That study found the “Top 10 Causes of Death in 2021” by the Government of Alberta were as follows: 1. ill-defined and unknown causes (3,362) 2. Dementia... View More

These Jews are Sadistic Maniacs and They’re Lying About Everything for the Purpose of Separating You from God

Everything these media Jews push is a hoax. You can’t believe any of it. Global warming is the mega-hoax, the hoax to end all hoaxes. Coronavirus was a bigger hoax than the Holocaust, but you will notice that virtually every one of the main "solutions"... View More

Nigeria Becomes First Nation to Ban White Models in Commercials

Nigerian ads will have to rely solely on local models and voiceover artists in the future, the African nation’s government announced this week. The policy changes will come into force on October 1. All advertisements, advertising, and marketing communications materials... View More

More Than Twice As Fake

Academics and the press have been failing at their predictions for as long as they have been making them. But instead of retraction and mea culpa, they simply double down with their misinformation and propaganda... View More

Hunter Laptop Censorship Exposes “Russian Interference” LIES & Jewish Election Interference FACT

Dr Duke & Paul Stevenson discuss Hunter Laptop Censorship Exposes “Russian Interference” LIES & Jewish Election Interference FACT! Great Show Today. Wait till you try out the Google Searches for Jews and the Yandex Russian Search engine when you type into the search box for... View More

UK Gov Admits Safety Of The COVID Jab For Pregnant Women Unknown After 2 Years Of Claiming It’s Safe

Welcome to The Daily Wrap Up, a concise show dedicated to bringing you the most relevant independent news, as we see it, from the last 24 hours. All Video Source Links Can Be Found Here At The Last American Vagabond... View More

The Great Culling of the Vaccinated

This is a compilation of new stories regarding people who "died suddenly" recently. When are the criminals behind this culling going to be held accountable?... View More

The Fact Hunter 057

Episode 057 : With your host George Hobbs  RSS feed for this podcast series is: https://speakfreeradio.com/feed/podcast/fact-hunter  ... View More

Kaminski Goes Ballistic — KGB 026

Episode 026  :   Special guest Paul Fromm   RSS feed for this podcast series is: https://speakfreeradio.com/feed/podcast/kgb... View More

Mentor Of Jeffrey Epstein Found Dead In Connecticut Apartment

Steven Hoffenberg, known mentor to Jeffrey Epstein and a convicted Ponzi schemer, was found dead in an apartment in Derby, Connecticut on Friday morning.... View More

Israeli Billionaire Appeals Bribery Conviction in Switzerland

A Swiss judge found that Steinmetz’s company BSG Resources Limited (BSGR) paid millions of dollars in bribes to the wife of Guinea’s former president to gain access to the world’s richest untapped deposits of iron ore in Guinea’s remote Simandou mountain range.... View More