US Military Deaths Up 1100% and Exponentially Rising: Two-thirds of US Military Have Chosen to Receive this Life-altering Vaxxine

Attorney-at-Law Todd Callender, who is representing the US Navy SEALs vs President Joe Biden has recently reported an 1100% increase in US military deaths as a result of these mRNA injections and based on their latest data, they expect this number to soon rise above... View More

Biden Admin in Talks to Provide Smartphone App to Illegal Migrants to Pre-Register Before Entering the US Illegally

The border officials are looking at 350,000 to 500,000 illegals the first month after Joe Biden lifts Title 42.  It is pure insanity. Vaughn also reported that the Biden Administration is in talks to roll out a smartphone app that will do pre-screening before they... View More

They Are Angry About The Florida Anti-Grooming Law Because They Want Your Children

Why would someone be enraged by a law that prevents teachers from exposing children to sexual indoctrination and demands parents are kept in the loop on classroom lessons?... View More

Claire Serrurier, 24 yrs old

First Dose of Pfizer on 07/26/21 Lot #FE7010, France, 24 yrs old, It's been 7 months since I had the reaction, my life turned upside down! I suffered for months. I was not able to work for 2 months and today it's still complicated sometimes to focus... View More

Steve Kirsch: “So You Killed 150,000 in Order to Maybe Save 10,000 Lives!” / Pfizer Trials!!!

The Worst Cover-Up In Human History - Steve Kirsch On COVID Vaccine Deaths, So it didn't happen by chance, something caused that. Something caused – this is like the greatest cause of death in human history... View More

They Are ALL ONE AND THE SAME / Hugo Talks

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The Long Term Effects of the Jabs

Support my work on Subscribe Star: https://www.subscribestar.com/dave-cullen, http://www.computingforever.com, Sources: https://computingforever.com/2022/03/30/the-long-term-effects-of-the-jabs/  ... View More

Episode 260: James Perloff on the Crisis in the Ukraine

James Perloff returns to Our Interesting Times to discuss his article "Ukraine: Behind the Wall of Propaganda."  We discuss the Russo-Ukrainian war in the context of the Great Reset and the centuries old ambition of the global elite to establish... View More

Cancer – The Forbidden Cures

Documentary on cancer cures suppressed, not approved or outlawed by governments... View More

Some Things You Should Maybe Know About China, by Larry Romanoff

The Khazarian European Jews – the usual list of suspects – were entirely responsible for introducing communism to China. The Jewish Bolsheviks sent an envoy – Grigori Naumovich Voitinsky (real name Zarkhin, a Russian Jew) in the hope of duplicating the destruction of Russia in... View More

Mr. Bond Sentenced to 10 Years: Biggest Sentence on Record

In what may be the longest sentence ever issued for speech crimes in Europe, Austrian rapper Mr. Bond  was sentenced to 10 years.  While the court spokesperson could not immediately be reached for comment, preliminary research... View More

White World Wrap (2022-04-01)

A daily digest from the White pov... View More

Trotsky – All Those Demanding Free Speech Should Be Shot Like Dogs

Leon Trotsky (Lev Bronstein) was a jewish Bolshevik who was responsible for unleashing a wave of death and destruction upon the Russian people... View More

Jon Stewart: ‘America Has Always Prioritized White Comfort Over Black Survival’

Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz tried to con people into watching his new show by acting like he was going to serve as a voice of reason and defy wokeism. The themes are whitey bad and Black-Jewish alliance good... View More

Walt Disney is now Walt Jewsey & Openly wants your kids to be Queer & Hunter Biden’s Jewish Bioweapons!

March 31 – Thur – Walt Disney transjewified to Walt Jewsey & Openly wants your kids to be Queer & Hunter Biden’s Jewish Meta-Bioweapons!... View More

Third Rail #239: Rope a Cope

Spectre and Lauritz talk about the heart-breaking state of western media, the Big Lie, Putin going all in, why the coming reign of terror is going to be worse because of the petty things, not the big injustices, and more... View More

Russian jews Fly the Soviet Flag in Israel

Over in Israel jews will feel free to show their true colors, flying the hammer and sickle proudly... View More

Episode 1429: The Richie Allen Show Thursday March 31st 2022

It's quite simply the best radio phone-in show in the world. After running down the day's biggest news stories, Richie takes calls from the listening audience. It never disappoints. https://richieallen.co.uk/support/... View More

Dumphone Sales Surging as Masses Ditch Their Smartphones – #NewWorldNextWeek

This week on the New World Next Week: the digital ID grid rolls out in country after country; the dumbphone revolution sees people ditching their smartphones in growing numbers; and performers are dropping like flies as... View More

The New World Order and How to Oppose It with Iain Davis

Today, Iain Davis of In-This-Together.com joins us to discuss the history of the "International Rules-Based Order," reveal its "operating system" (technocracy), and discuss how we can fruitfully oppose it... View More

Commission to Review 750 Confederacy-Linked Military Items for Renaming

The congressional Naming Commission announced Wednesday that it will review “more than 750 Department of Defense items” to determine whether their names “commemorate the Confederacy.” The commission will “assess the cost of renaming or removing names, symbols, displays, monuments, or paraphernalia”... View More

Stella Saragoussi

I have no life at the moment. I am in pain and in tears everyday. First Dose of Pfizer on 03/28/21 Lot #ER8730, Second Dose of Pfizer on 04/17/21 Lot #ER8731, Third Dose of Pfizer on 12/13/21 Lot #FD408, Connecticut, 39 yrs old  ... View More

Professor: White Supremacy to Blame for Will Smith’s Slap

A professor at Loyola Marymount University believes Will Smith slapping comedian Chris Rock at Monday’s Academy Awards was an example of white supremacy in action.... View More

New NWO: Russia, China Moving Towards Multipolar ‘Fair World Order’

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov met with his Chinese counterpart on Wednesday, where he said the two are carving a path towards a 'fairer world order.'... View More

Australian Government preparing to Jab Babies: Pay off parents if they die

To put it simply, they know the vaccines are dangerous, they are setting up a system to pay off victims before they mandate the next round, and they are preparing to push the poison on babies... View More

White World Wrap (2022-03-31)

A daily digest from the White pov  ... View More

U.S. Will Rename 660 Mountains, Rivers and More to Remove Racist Word

The United States Department of the Interior (DOI) proposed a list of new names for more than 660 geographic features across the country last month, the agency announced in a statement. Led by the U.S. Secretary of the Interior Deb  ... View More

DHS: Expect 18K Illegals Per Day If Let’s Go Brandon Lifts Title 42

If the Biden Regime lifts the implementation of Title 42, the law that permits the expulsion of illegals on health grounds—in this case, the Flu Manchu—up to 18,000 illegals per day will cross the border... View More

Dr Duke & Slattery – Overwhelming Jewish supremacy in Gov’t-Media & Banking Leading us and the world to tyranny, war and destruction!

March 30 – Wed – Dr Duke & Slattery – Overwhelming Jewish supremacy in Gov’t-Media & Banking Leading us and the world to tyranny, war and destruction... View More

Natalie Romesburg, Registered Nurse

Almost a month after the second injection I collapsed at work. I was so weak and could barely move my arms and legs, First Dose of Pfizer on 01/14/21 Lot #EL8982, Second Dose of Pfizer on 02/19/21 Lot #EL9265, Pennsylvania, 45 yrs old,... View More

The Jewish Sabotage of America

The dramatic free fall of American strength, its economy, its standing in the world is no accident - it is orchestrated by the Jewish banking cartels in the shadows who steer the attitudes, beliefs and behaviors of every single institution of any importance in the... View More

Biden’s ‘Equity’ Budget Mentions Term Over 100 Times

President Joe Biden’s budget allocates billions of dollars toward advancing “equity” in dozens of government agencies, even as his administration attempts to sell it as a moderate proposal... View More

Are Western dissidents (e.g. the National Justice Party of TheRightStuff.biz) being paid to shill Kremlin propaganda?

It would not surprise me one iota if some dissidents in the West are being paid to shill Russian propaganda. A good example is Charles Bausman, who owns the pro-Kremlin propaganda website ‘Russia Insider,’ which he founded in 2014... View More

Boeing – Troubled Skies (Myth20c – Ep236)

In 2019, Airbus surpassed for the first time Boeing as the largest aerospace company in the world, as two crashes of Boeing’s 737-Max airplane forced a grounding of the fleet and a halt in sales, eventually costing it $20 billion in... View More

No-Go Zone: Ready For A *New* New World Order? A Global Gay Potemkin Village

Henrik cover the latest news in episode 96 of No-Go Zone, Sign up for a membership at https://redicemembers.com, Subscribe for a membership on SubscribeStar, https://subscribestar.com/redice, Help us by donating: https://redice.tv/donate... View More

CASHLESS SOCIETY Right In Your FACE! / Hugo Talks

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On tonight's episode of White Wednesday, Azzmador and the TKR Wrecking Crew discuss unelected President Brandon's senile remarks about Russian regime change, The Slap Heard 'Round The World, the state of what currently passes for the right wing, transinsanity, Disney... View More

A Gram of Woes: 21st March 2022

https://www.millennialwoes.com/gram, The Anime Question, The move from changing society to changing oneself, Iraq and WMDs, Boomer Neocons, Non-Ukrainian refugees, Inadvertent larping, Anglosphere unity, Guilt-tripping... View More

ACH (1743) Dr. Peter Hammond – The Real Story Of Missions Behind Enemy Lines

In today’s show originally broadcast on March 31 2022, Andy is joined by Dr. Peter Hammond for a show entitled, “The Real Story Of Missions Behind Enemy Lines.” We discussed: how Peter was drawn to a life as a missionary... View More

The Daily Nationalist: Peace Talks – DN 033122

Sven Longshanks and Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson discuss the current peace talks in Turkey. Russia is keen to reach a solution to the conflict, but they do not want western interference this time... View More